World Down Syndrome Day: All You Need To Know About Down Syndrome

Dr Arvind Kumar – Director & HOD – Paediatrics, Fortis Hospital Shalimar Bagh

Down syndrome is a lifelong condition that a child is born with. People with Down syndrome have an Extra chromosome. These Children have life long medical and learning problems.

These children need regular health care visits. what are the areas that parents of Down syndrome need to look into for a good & healthy upbringing of their child with down syndrome


These children Should have growth monitored at regular internal of 2,4,6,9 12, 15, 18 and 24 months then once a year adulthood.


All vaccine should be taken as per schedule. This includes flu vaccine on yearly basis


Get Your child Examined for heart Problems and if detected regular ECHO and checkup is mandatory

Thyroid Hormones:

Low Thyroid hormones can be present in a child with Down syndrome. TSH testing at birth, 6 month, 12 month and then yearly.


Listening can be affected and should be checked at both, 6 month and then every year.


They may cataract Vision testing at 6 month then every year.


Utilize developmental services. Early intervention Programme are helpful.

Neck stability:

Some children with Down syndrome can have problem with bones of Spine and neck. Daily exercise is important. Do take your Child to a doctor if any of these problems are there

1) Stiff or sore neck.

2) Change in stool / urination pattern

3) Change in walking

4) change in use of arms and leg

5) Head tilt

6) Numbness in arms or leg.

Sleep Problem: Children with Down syndrome may have sleep problems at night specially with low musele tone get a sleep study at age of 4 year.


These children have low immunity and may develop recurrent infection Persistent fever, or any other symptoms seek medical advise so early treatment can be started.

Pregnancy and related Problems in girl child

Teach your girl child about bad and good touch also about mensural hygine. Girls with down syndrome can get pregnant.

Diet and Vitamins and Obesity prevention

Intervention Begining at 24 montes of age should include attention to diet and Physical activity calore intake should be less that recommended for age.Calcium and vitamin D intake should be monitored


Recurrence risk Counselling should be done.

This by doing regular health check up and intervening at appropriate time a parent with some of Child with down syndrome can manage and help appropriate growth of his or her Child.

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