However, it is always better to engage in some kind of exercise than not being involved in any workout.

Want To Live Longer? Workout At THIS Time Will Help, Shows Stud

Health Tips: There are many people who find it very difficult to wake up early in the morning to follow a regular workout regime. These people now have a reason to cheer. According to a new study, exercises at mid-afternoon or lunch hours can protect you from premature death. In other words, those who exercise during this hour have higher chances of living a longer life.

Mid-afternoon is a better time to work

The study shows that mid-afternoon is the better time to work out when compared to early morning or night workouts.

The research has been published in Nature Communications and examined the demographic and health information of 92,000 individuals from a UK biomedical database. During the research, participants were given accelerometers to measure their time of exercise as well as its intensity over a period of seven days. Following several years, researchers found that around 3 per cent or 3,000 people had died, with about 1,000 from heart disease and 1,800 from cancer.

Midday workouts improve chances of living longer

Researchers found that men and women who engaged in any kind of physical activity – moderate or vigorous – lived longer when compared to those who had rarely worked out.

They also found a correlation between midday workouts and improved chances of living longer.

The researchers pointed out that people who were involved in workouts in the mid-afternoon had a lower risk of early death, both from heart disease and in general. The mid-afternoon time was described as the time between 11 am and 5 pm.

The elderly men who were less active and already had heart disease were more likely to experience a reduced risk of heart disease death when they worked out in the afternoon. It was also found that elderly men as well as those with heart disease experienced reduced risk when they worked out in the mid-afternoon.

However, it is always better to engage in some kind of exercise than not being involved in any workout. Also, the timing of the exercise should be based on your goals. For example, some studies have shown that workouts in the early morning are good for losing weight.

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