Reducing carbohydrates regulates the overall composition of our body.

These 5 Diet Habits Promise Visible Weight Loss: Details Here

While we all are aware of the risks of excess body weight. While we all try to shed extra kilos from the body, most of the time we found it very difficult to reach our set goal. One of the main reasons is that we are not consistent when it comes to our diet. Though there are various ways that can help in weight loss, the most promising one is diet change. The weight loss journey can be completed easily if you watch what you eat and how you eat. So all those people who are planning to shed some extra kilos or aiming for a particular weight, here in this article we are going to talk about 5 diet habits that can bring the visible change.

Increase Protein Intake: Protein is very essential for your core strength and muscle mass, especially when you are trying to lose some extra weight. However, a high protein diet is not recommended in the long run. So it is advisable that one consults a dietician and seek recommendations. According to the Dietary Reference Intake report, and an adult female should consume 46 grams of protein and an adult male should consume 56 grams of protein every day.

Increase Fiber: Fiber, which is also referred to as roughage, is basically plant-based. They are highly recommended for weight loss. It helps in cleaning the digestive system by removing digested food material. Experts recommend that a male adult must consume 38 grams and a female adult must eat 25 grams of fiber on a daily basis.

Water Before Meal: Water is a wonder liquid and one should take 3-4 litres of water on a daily basis. It is advisable to have a glass of water before having lunch.

Reduce Carbohydrates: Reducing carbohydrates regulates the overall composition of our body. Experts recommend reducing carbohydrate intake and compensating with proteins for weight loss.

Count Your Bites: Mastication, a biological term, is very essential. A mouthful of food must be chewed 32 times before swallowing.

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