Technology Transforming The Future Of Pet Healthcare

Technology today has become the nucleus of development across all sectors.

Debobrata Nandi, Administrator, CGS Hospital, Gurugram

Technology today has become the nucleus of development across all sectors. Not only has it made life easier for humans but has also done so for their pet friends, especially for their health and well-being. In recent times, veterinary science has made rapid progress and new-age technologies such as AI and IoT have transformed animal healthcare. Thanks to technology, veterinary practitioners can now make timely diagnoses to protect animals, resulting in better outcomes not just for pets but also for pet parents, making their lives convenient and hassle-free.

Smart tracking with wearable’s: Prevention is better than cure. These days’ smart wearable devices for pets have emerged as a boon to monitor pet’s health. Taking regular note of body temperature, oxygen level, pulse rate and activities can help prevent ill health and aid in quick and effective treatment. The smart devices are also capable of monitoring symptoms of illness and pain, etc. by noting behaviors and actions. The data generated from these devices also guides the vets to easily diagnose a condition as they have more information to work with. The pet parents can get more insights into the animal’s health to reduce or even completely avoid trips to hospitals.

Better nutrition, better medicines: The researchers and technologists are now reaping the benefits of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning for better analysis of data. This is helping them improve crucial aspects such as nutrition and medical care for better outcomes. Technology is helping them create healthier, sustainable and affordable food options to provide a balanced diet for healthy living. Technology also helps in improving the quality and effectiveness of nutritional supplements, minerals, medicines, food, and even vaccines. Latest advancements have made it possible to offer better alternatives to antibiotics with none to little side effects.

Pet surgery: Enhanced surgical equipment and advanced procedures have greatly increased the success rate of pet surgeries. Today, vets are using advanced ultrasound, radiography, CT and MRI techniques and these facilities have made saving lives of the pets easier. The minimal invasive methods can now be performed on any body part including heart and other major internal organs. Also, the modern, technically-advanced procedures help the pets to recover quickly after surgery and get back to normal life faster. The detection of bone fractures and other complications have become easier with high-end imaging devices. Nowadays, 3D printing is unlocking huge possibilities in bone replacement surgeries. The surgeons can easily perform arthroscopic surgeries such as hip replacements by prototyping bone models from the information based on CT scans. Also, this technology is widely being used to design and manufacture prosthetics for animals which are usually difficult to obtain.

Making healthcare accessible: Technology has made healthcare more accessible and pet owners can now easily find vets in their neighborhood. Various mobile applications are now providing services such as videos, live streaming and online consultations to offer treatments and counseling. Also, technology enables veterinarians to store data and medical record of pets that can be accessed with the click of a button with the help of the internet. This feature is a great support especially when there is a need to access medical reports immediately in medical emergencies. Technology has made it possible to get consultations online and this is a great time saver for pet parents who can now meet the doctors virtually while sitting at their homes. The new age tech solutions in pet healthcare have emerged as solutions for pet parents. They can now use wearable’s, messaging apps to get and keep a track on information about their pet’s health. With this, they can directly send regular health updates to nearby vets and get access to healthcare online, at their convenience and at the right time for optimum care.

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