Strengthening Rural Healthcare in India: A Major Milestone Achieved

Strengthening Rural Healthcare in India: A Major Milestone Achieved

Comprehensive Primary Health Care Centers Operationalized

In a significant development, India has successfully operationalized a total of 1,60,480 Ayushman Bharat – Health and Wellness Centres, upgrading existing Sub Health Centres (SHCs) and Primary Health Centres (PHCs) to deliver Comprehensive Primary Health Care (CPHC). This milestone achievement is set to revolutionize healthcare access in rural areas.

Three-Tier System for Primary Health Care

The healthcare system in India is built on a three-tier system comprising Sub Health Centres (SHCs) for rural areas, Primary Health Centres (PHCs) for both urban and rural regions, and Community Health Centres (CHCs) catering to urban and rural populations. This three-pillared approach forms the foundation of the country’s Primary Health Care System.

Norms and Recommendations for Healthcare Centers

As per established norms, in rural areas, a Sub Health Centre is recommended for a population of 5,000 (in plains) and 3,000 (in hilly and tribal areas). Furthermore, a Primary Health Centre is suggested for a population of 30,000 (in plains) and 20,000 (in hilly and tribal areas), while a Community Health Centre is proposed for a population of 1,20,000 (in plains) and 80,000 (in hilly and tribal areas).

Strengthening Health System at the Grass-Root Level

The Fifteenth Finance Commission (FC-XV) has accepted the recommendation to provide grants through local governments for specific components of the health sector, amounting to Rs. 70,051 crores. These grants, spread over a five-year period from FY 2021-22 to FY 2025-26, will significantly bolster the health system at the grass-root level.

PM-Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission

The Government of India is actively running various schemes aimed at bridging the gap in health services for the public. The PM-Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission (PM-ABHIM), launched with an allocation of Rs. 64,180 crore, focuses on developing capacities of health systems and institutions across all levels of care to effectively respond to current and future pandemics and disasters.

A Step Towards Universal Healthcare Access

With the operationalization of Ayushman Bharat – Health and Wellness Centres, India takes a giant leap towards achieving universal access to equitable, affordable, and quality healthcare services, ensuring that healthcare is within reach of every citizen, regardless of their location.

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