On International Mother’s Day: Moms-To-Be Walk The Ramp At The “Pregnancy Carnival” Organized By Cloudnine In The Tricity

Most new parents can't wait to celebrate the birth of their child with friends and family

Celebrating Parenthood: Cloudnine’s Joyful Pregnancy Carnival

A Festive Tribute to Expecting Couples

Expectant parents share an unparalleled anticipation to celebrate the arrival of their bundle of joy with friends and family. Cloudnine, the esteemed birthing center in the tricity, commemorated International Mother’s Day with a remarkable “pregnancy carnival,” uniting couples in a festive celebration of impending parenthood.

A Glittering Display of Radiance and Love

The “pregnancy carnival” witnessed a glamorous “Ramp walk” by glowing moms-to-be and their partners. The runway showcased not only their outward beauty but also the promise of new life within, embodying the strength and grace of expectant mothers.

Fun, Learning, and Dance Unite

The event featured a lively quiz competition, igniting fun and camaraderie among expecting couples. This interactive activity not only engaged participants but also imparted valuable insights into pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting, fostering a sense of shared knowledge and excitement.

Artistic Expressions of Motherhood

New mothers graced the stage with captivating dance performances, celebrating the journey of motherhood through the language of movement. These graceful displays symbolized the joyous beginnings and marked the transition into a new chapter for these families.

Empowerment through Expertise

Cloudnine’s dedicated team of doctors led an informative session covering pregnancy care, diet, and fitness mantras. This comprehensive knowledge sharing provided expecting couples with vital information for a healthy and well-informed journey into parenthood.

Rewards and Gratitude

The carnival embraced appreciation for the impending journey of parenthood. Lucky winners received surprise gifts and exclusive discounts through an exciting lucky dip, enhancing the celebration’s spirit of joy and gratitude.

A Heartfelt Tribute to Mothers

Dr. Pawan Kumar, Cloudnine’s Chief Operating Officer (North), conveyed a heartfelt tribute to mothers, acknowledging their multiple roles and unwavering strength. He extended gratitude to expectant mothers for choosing Cloudnine and entrusting their journey into parenthood to the center.

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