Avoid hot beverages such as coffee, tea, and alcohol in summer.

Know Health Hazards That Can Be Caused By Extreme Heat And Precautions To Beat The Heat

The summer season has been heaping on across North India. Rising temperature in the afternoon hours is linked to many health risks related to extreme heat such as heat cramps, heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and other health issues. Immediate medical care is required in the case of heat stroke that can lead to serious health issues or death in extreme cases.

Old people, young children, and people suffering from chronic health issues are at a higher risk of heat-related health issues. Henceforth, it is crucial to follow the necessary precautions to stay cool and hydrated in the summer season. An internal medicine expert, Dr. Rajinder Kumar Singal shares some common health hazards triggered by excessive heat and precautionary measures to be safe.

Surge in the count of diarrhoea, typhoid, gastroenteritis, heat stroke

There has been a surge in the count of diarrhoea, typhoid, gastroenteritis, heat stroke, and viral fever episodes in the last couple of weeks. Heat exhaustion is a mild sickness caused by hot temperatures and dehydration. Elderly people suffering from hypertension and people working out in the heat are at a greater risk of heat exhaustion. Heat Stroke is often led by heat exhaustion. It occurs when the temperature of the body increases rapidly, and the body is not able to release the heat on its own. Heat stroke can lead to death or permanent disability if not treated promptly.

Dr. Singal says that some easy tips can beat the heat in summer. Staying Hydrated is essential to fight the scorching heat. Ample water intake replenishes the fluids lost via sweating. Drinking two liters of water per day is advised. Consuming fresh vegetables and fruits is essential for hydration as they are packed with important nutrients. Wearing breathable, loose fit, light-colored, cotton clothes to avert excessive sweating and allow air circulation.

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Avoid hot beverages such as coffee, tea, and alcohol in summer. Including refreshing foods such as green veggies, lemons, watermelons, musk melons, buttermilk, curd, coconut, and mint in the diet is vital in summer. Eat light meals and avoid processed and salty foods, fried food, and junk food items.

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