Cold shower can boost our mood, making us much more relaxed

It might give you chills but cold showers have amazing benefits: Know here

Many would immediately say that who bathes that often during winter? But considering the era of coronavirus pandemic, it is quintessential to bathe on a regular basis. Most people prefer bathing whenever they walk into home from outside, especially when we are living in a world that has been hijacked by the coronavirus. So, there is no alternative to it. In fact, it is more beneficial when you bathe with cold water. No, we are not kidding as several experts have validated this claim. There are several recorded benefits of col showers. A study by researchers of the Netherlands studied the benefits of a cold shower. The research involved 3018 participants in the age group of 18 and 65 years. It was found that those who completed the trial were 29 per cent less likely to call in sick. There are several other benefits that have recorded benefits of cold showers.

Here are some benefits of the cold shower:

Blood circulation: When you take a cold shower, it allows blood to move to your organs and this keeps the body warm. Bathing with cold water not only lowers blood pressure but also makes arteries stronger. Thus, making you fit and fine throughout your life. On the other hand, a hot shower causes the blood to move towards the surface of the skin.

Great for your hair and skin: Hot water can dry out your skin during chilly days. At times, this can lead to skin irritation and rashes. Hot water is not good for hairs as it can cause dandruff. It can also close pores in the scalp and skin.

Boosts immunity: Bathing with cold water means that the percentage of white blood cells and metabolic rate will be high. This is because our body is designed to warm itself up during a cold shower. While doing so, it releases white blood cells and activates the immune system.

Muscle recovery: Just like cold compression, cold showers will help in overcoming muscle soreness.

Depression: Cold shower can boost our mood, making us much more relaxed when we step out of our bathroom.

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