Huawei Collaborates With Wockhardt Foundation And Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation To Run Mobile Medical Clinic Van

Huawei India Launches Mobile Medical Clinic to Provide Healthcare to Mumbai’s Needy

Collaboration for Community Betterment

In a significant move to support healthcare accessibility for the underserved, Huawei India has partnered with Wockhardt Foundation and the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) to launch a Mobile Medical Clinic initiative in Mumbai. The joint effort aims to bring primary healthcare services to those in need and create a positive impact on society.

CEO’s Commitment to Social Welfare

David Li, the CEO of Huawei India, expressed the company’s unwavering dedication to serving India’s people and society. After facing unprecedented challenges during the global pandemic, the need to strengthen medical infrastructure has become more crucial than ever. This initiative with Wockhardt Foundation is a testament to Huawei’s commitment to supporting the welfare of the community.

Essential Services on Wheels

The Mobile Medical Clinic van, operated by Wockhardt Foundation, is equipped to cater to the healthcare needs of the vulnerable in Mumbai. With a target to serve 9,600 patients in a span of two months, the clinic’s daily capacity of 200 patients ensures essential medical services are readily available to the local population.

Diverse Healthcare Services

The Mobile Clinic offers a range of critical healthcare services, including free basic health check-ups and screenings. The initiative focuses on raising awareness about sanitation, maternal and child healthcare, immunization, and more. Additionally, it provides diagnosis and treatment facilities for various medical conditions, such as malaria, hepatitis, dengue, typhoid, and diabetes.

Huawei’s Impactful CSR Journey

Over the years, Huawei has been actively involved in multiple CSR initiatives across India. From supporting schools with digital facilities and sanitation to funding research projects and Covid relief efforts, Huawei has left a positive impact on various communities. The Mobile Medical Clinic adds another dimension to Huawei’s commitment to social welfare.

Beyond Boundaries – Expanding CSR Scope

Huawei’s collaboration with CSR foundations of industry stakeholders has allowed it to expand the scope of its initiatives. By establishing a healthcare academy, providing IoT solutions for farmers, and setting up Centers of Excellence, Huawei aims to drive positive change and welfare in the healthcare and agricultural sectors.

Healthcare on Wheels: A Boon for Mumbai’s Underserved

Huawei India’s Mobile Medical Clinic initiative is a commendable step towards addressing the healthcare needs of Mumbai’s underprivileged communities. The strategic collaboration between Huawei, Wockhardt Foundation, and NMMC showcases the power of partnerships in creating meaningful social impact. With essential healthcare services now accessible on wheels, the initiative promises to uplift the well-being of the vulnerable populations it serves.

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