Healthcare Providers’ Societal Role Discussed at Health and Safety Management Summit 2022

Among those who joined the panel discussion were some well-known personalities like Dr. Shubhank Singh, Center Head Medanta Mediclinic Delhi at Medanta, Chirag Barjatya- Founder of ProjectFitCom aka PFC & fitness coach and senior journalist SK Mishra, Editor of Weekly Environmental Newspaper - Enviro Annotations.

Healthcare Providers' Societal Role Discussed at Health and Safety Management Summit 2022
Healthcare Providers' Societal Role Discussed at Health and Safety Management Summit 2022

Scrutinizing Healthcare’s Impact Amid Pandemic

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has magnified the significance of accessible and efficient healthcare services. Amid this backdrop, the role of healthcare providers in contributing to society was a focal point of discussion during the recent HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT SUMMIT AND AWARDS 2022 organized by HealthWire.

Insights from Esteemed Panelists

Renowned figures including Dr. Shubhank Singh (Center Head Medanta Mediclinic Delhi at Medanta), Chirag Barjatya (Founder of ProjectFitCom and fitness coach), and senior journalist SK Mishra (Editor of Weekly Environmental Newspaper – Enviro Annotations) participated in a thought-provoking panel discussion. The conversation was skillfully moderated by Dr. Yash Gulati.

Unveiling Private-Government Collaboration

Dr. Yash Gulati kickstarted the discussion by raising the prominence of private players in the healthcare sector. He posed a pertinent question: Are private hospitals doing their share to give back to society, especially during these times of crisis?

Challenging the Societal Contribution

Chirag Barjatya voiced concerns over the healthcare fraternity’s contribution to society. He voiced his apprehensions that society might not be receiving the expected level of commitment from healthcare providers. Despite financial capabilities, individuals struggle to access quality healthcare due to various obstacles.

A Defense of Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Shubhank Singh passionately defended healthcare providers, shedding light on the unyielding dedication of doctors who relentlessly work to save lives, even at personal risk. He reiterated that healthcare professionals genuinely contribute to society’s well-being by working tirelessly and putting their own safety on the line.

Hospitals’ Community Engagements

Dr. Singh highlighted the proactive community-oriented initiatives undertaken by hospitals, including his own. He emphasized that healthcare institutions are actively engaged in diverse projects aimed at supporting and uplifting communities.

CSR Contributions from Healthcare Sector

SK Mishra echoed the sentiment, pointing to data that reveals the healthcare sector’s consistent commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) expenditure. This commitment has been a consistent trend even before the pandemic, with the healthcare industry consistently directing resources towards societal welfare.

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