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Almonds Help Control Blood Glucose Levels: Study

Amazing Health Tips to Control Blood Glucose Levels and Improves Pancreatic Function

Almonds are known to have several health benefits. Whether you grab some soaked almonds or eat them with milk, they are good in every way. Now, a study has found that eating almonds can help control blood glucose levels in Adult Asian Indians with overweight and obesity conditions.

According to the study, eating almonds daily for 12 weeks not only reduced insulin resistance, and improved pancreatic function but also helped control blood glucose levels. Almonds also reduce heart disease risk by lowering total cholesterol and exerting antioxidant effects.

Moreover, the people, who were part of the research group, achieved significant reductions in body weight, waist circumference and body mass index. The group that was given almonds also had lower total cholesterol over the intervention period.

“The group that consumed almonds had improvements to both body weight and blood sugar,” said Viswanathan Mohan, one of the study authors. Mohan is president and chief of diabetes research at Madras Diabetes Research Foundation in Chennai.

Obesity is a common health problem

Mohan said that obesity is a common health problem worldwide and we know it raises the risk of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes.

“Obesity is a very common problem but also a complex problem. It is tightly interwoven with diabetes and we have identified a very simple solution,” he added.

Gayathri Rajagopal, PhD scholar at the University of Madras, and the first author on the study, said that they found the enhanced function of beta cells among the almond eaters. It is to be noted that beta cells in the pancreas make insulin.

Almonds can Delay the Onset of Diabetes

Study authors feel that eating almonds can delay the onset of diabetes.

Those who were part of the research and consumed almonds had better levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides. Both of them play a very important role in managing obesity and diabetes.

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