Uttarakhand Chief Minister Orders Probe into Controversial Transfer of Woman Medical Officer

Soon after this incident, Dr Uniyal was served a transfer order to join Almora Medical College following which she ogffereds to quit from the government service.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Orders Probe into Controversial Transfer of Woman Medical Officer
Uttarakhand Chief Minister Orders Probe into Controversial Transfer of Woman Medical Officer

Dr. Nidhi Uniyal’s Transfer Prompts Investigation Amid Alleged Altercation with Health Secretary’s Wife

In a recent development, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami of Uttarakhand has taken action to investigate the controversial transfer of Dr. Nidhi Uniyal, a woman medical officer from Doon Hospital. The decision came after social media reports highlighted an alleged altercation between Dr. Uniyal and the wife of Health Secretary Pankaj Kumar Pandey, followed by her transfer. Let’s delve into the details surrounding this incident.

Transfer Reversed: Chief Minister Orders Inquiry into Alleged Malafide Intentions

Chief Minister Dhami not only ordered an investigation into Dr. Uniyal’s transfer but also revoked the transfer itself, which was set to send her to Almora Medical College. He directed the state Chief Secretary to probe the alleged malafide intentions behind the transfer, emphasizing the seriousness of the matter.

Social Media Outcry and Doctor Unions Response

The decision to investigate stemmed from the widespread social media reports regarding Dr. Uniyal’s transfer, the altercation at the health secretary’s residence, and her subsequent mistreatment by the administration. This incident prompted various doctor and health worker unions in the state to take notice and express their concerns.

Congress Questions Probe Impartiality

While the investigation is underway, the state Congress has raised questions about the impartiality of the probe, especially with Health Secretary Pandey still in his position. They have called for him to be temporarily removed from his post pending the inquiry, highlighting the importance of preserving the dignity of individuals involved.

The Incident at the Center of the Controversy

The incident that triggered this controversy revolves around Dr. Nidhi Uniyal’s visit to the residence of Health Secretary Pankaj Kumar Pandey. Hospital administration had instructed Dr. Uniyal to provide medical care to Pandey’s ailing wife at their home. However, due to a significant number of patients waiting for treatment at the hospital’s Outpatient Department, Dr. Uniyal initially declined the request. Eventually, she complied with the hospital administration’s orders and went to the health secretary’s residence.

The Altercation and Subsequent Actions

During the medical treatment provided by Dr. Uniyal at Pandey’s residence, an altercation occurred between her and the health secretary’s wife. Following this incident, Dr. Uniyal returned to the hospital. However, her actions resulted in a transfer order to Almora Medical College. Frustrated by the situation, Dr. Uniyal offered to resign from government service. She conveyed to her seniors that she was first asked to apologize to the health secretary’s wife and was subsequently transferred when she refused to comply with the hospital administration’s directives.

The Call for a Timely Resolution

With various doctor and health worker unions in Uttarakhand voicing their concerns, the situation has escalated into a major controversy. Chief Minister Dhami’s decision to order a high-level probe into the matter reflects the seriousness of the issue. The unions and individuals involved are emphasizing the importance of a timely resolution to maintain the dignity of all parties concerned.

Looking Ahead: Ensuring Fairness and Transparency

As the investigation proceeds, the spotlight remains on the need for fairness and transparency. The state Congress’s call for Health Secretary Pandey to be temporarily moved from his position during the inquiry underscores the importance of impartiality and preserving the integrity of the investigative process.

In a state where the healthcare system plays a critical role in citizens’ lives, the controversy surrounding Dr. Nidhi Uniyal’s transfer serves as a reminder of the need for a just and equitable approach in addressing disputes within the healthcare sector.

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