Crysta IVF Now In Noida; Aims To Make IVF Treatment Accessible To All

With this new fertility center in the city, Crysta IVF aims to make quality fertility treatments accessible to couples and individuals across the country.

“Crysta IVF Expands Its Fertility Services to Noida, Fostering Accessible Quality Care”

Crysta IVF, one of India’s most trusted network of fertility chains, cofounded by Harshita Jain and Dheeraj Jain in 2018 together with healthcare institutional investors have started their services at their center in Noida. With this new fertility center in the city, Crysta IVF aims to make quality fertility treatments accessible to couples and individuals across the country.

“Crysta IVF Expands Reach to Address India’s Growing Fertility Challenges”

According to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), 10-15 percent of India’s population exhibit complications related to fertility. For a country with a 1.3 billion population, that would account for almost one in seven people. Recognizing the significant increase in the number of people facing fertility issues in India, Crysta IVF provides fertility treatments to aspiring couples. As part of the company’s expansion plans, the new center in collaboration with Creation World IVF is located in Supertech Mart. The center in Noida is equipped with world-class treatments to help couples start their families.

“Crysta IVF’s Noida Center Offers a Range of Affordable Fertility Treatments Under Dr. Shuchi Lakhanpal’s Expertise”

Under the guidance of Dr. Shuchi Lakhanpal with a decade of experience in fertility services, the Noida center hosts various treatments such as IVF, IUI, Embryology, which are effective and affordable. The cost of IVF treatment varies for each fertility case depending on various factors such as Amount of Stimulation required, Age, freezing of eggs or sperms, Usage of advanced fertility treatment such as laser-assisted hatching, ICSI, Tesa etc.

“Dheeraj Jain, Founder of Crysta IVF, on Expanding Accessible and Affordable Fertility Treatments in Noida”

Commenting on the new launch, Dheeraj Jain, Founder, Crysta IVF, said “We, at Crysta IVF, have always believed that experienced doctors with the right kind of medical facilities together can increase the success rates for intended parents. Thus, along with a team of highly qualified medical professionals, we have invested in building a world-class infrastructure as well. With the launch of the center in Noida, we hope to make fertility treatments accessible and affordable to all in the city.

“Crysta IVF’s Ambitious Expansion Aims to Reach 100 Cities in Two Years”

The newly launched center in Noida is part of the company’s ambition to be present in 100 cities across the country within a span two years. We firmly believe in a patient-centred approach which helps us in understanding each couple without compromising on quality. There is nothing that gives us greater fulfilment than a successful outcome and the happiness that parenthood gives to couples.”

“Crysta IVF: A Trusted Network of Fertility Centers Across India, Committed to Excellence”

Crysta IVF has a wide network of IVF centers in different parts of India. These centers have specialized IVF doctors, embryologists and are equipped with advanced IVF tools and techniques, state-of-the-art infrastructure providing reliable medical and fertility guidance.

“Crysta IVF: Expanding Accessibility and Affordability in Fertility Treatments Across India”

Most importantly, the fertility treatments offered by Crysta IVF are easy to access and easy on pockets. Crysta IVF has grown phenomenally during the last 6 months by opening 24 IVF centers and intends to reach every part of India to provide affordable fertility treatments.

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