#ExclusiveInteraction: Body First’s Founder Explains How You Should Plan Your Diet And Exercise This Summer

“As Chilly Winds Depart, Sun’s Heat Takes Center Stage: Navigating Summer’s Health Challenges with Diet and Exercise”

We have finally bid adieu to the chilly winds, and it is now it is time for the boiling sun to sit on our heads. As much as summers bring happiness with mango, colourful clothes, and refreshing drinks, summers are also a long phase with many health issues. Hence it becomes very essential to understand how we should plan our diet and exercise during this time.

“As Summer Arrives, Appetites Shift: Embracing Lighter Fare and Cool Refreshments”

During summers our interests shift from high calorie foods of winters to low calorie food. Well, its quite natural to eat light during summer and we can easily do so without feeling destitute. It’s also natural for one to go in for a glass of cold fruit juice or ice cream instead of a hot soup.

But experts and nutritionists believe that summer is the season when it’s easiest to eat healthy.

In an exclusive interaction with Healthwire Mr Pranay Jain, founder and CEO of BodyFirst shared his insights on ‘How you should plan your diet and exercise this summer’

“During summers the most important thing is hydration which is a key to good health in order to keep your body hydrated and cool from within. People often think that drinking cold water can hydrate your body much faster but it is a myth, water at a room temperature is the best suited for quenching your thirst. During this heatwave coconut water is something that you must take side by side if you work out daily as it contains good amount of electrolytes that helps you replenish your body naturally,” said Pranay.

He further said, “During summers try to eat light for good digestion. Along with that if you are working out then 45 mins prior to your workout try to intake starchy vegetables which will give you sustained energy throughout.”

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