AIIMS has removed the user charges for all diagnostic procedures such as blood tests and X-rays that cost up to Rs 300.

AIIMS: A-Category Rooms In Private Wards To Cost Double, Dietary Charges Increased To Rs 300; Check Details

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi: Hike in Room Rent and Diet Charges for Private Wards

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi, a premier health institution renowned for its exceptional medical services, has recently announced a significant hike in the room rent and diet charges for private wards. This decision comes in the wake of the institution’s ongoing efforts to maintain high-quality patient care and ensure sustainable operations. The new charges will take effect from June 1, and it is crucial for patients and their families to be aware of the changes.

The Revised Charges: A-Class or Deluxe Rooms

The room rent for A-Class or deluxe rooms in the private wards is set to increase to Rs 6,000, which is double the previous charge of Rs 3,000. The revised rent for A-Class rooms includes admission charges, and patients opting for these facilities will be required to make a 10-day advance deposit of Rs 63,000.

B-Class or Ordinary Rooms

For B-Class or ordinary rooms, the room rent has been revised from Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000. Like the A-Class rooms, the B-Class room rent also covers admission charges. Patients choosing B-Class facilities will need to deposit Rs 33,000 in advance for a 10-day stay.

Providing Relief to Patients

While the room rent and diet charges have been increased, AIIMS has taken measures to provide some relief to patients in other aspects of their medical expenses. The institution has decided to abolish user charges for all diagnostic procedures that cost up to Rs 300, including blood tests and X-rays. This move aims to ease the financial burden on patients and their families during their medical treatment at AIIMS.

Removal of User Charges for Diagnostic Procedures

“The undersigned is directed to notify that President, AIIMS is pleased to approve the abolition of user charges for all investigations or laboratory charges currently costing up to Rs 300 per procedure in AIIMS hospital and all centres, with immediate effect,” the order issued by AIIMS Medical Superintendent Dr D K Sharma said.

This significant step by AIIMS reflects its commitment to ensuring accessible and affordable healthcare services for all sections of society. By eliminating user charges for essential diagnostic procedures, AIIMS aims to prioritize patient well-being and foster a patient-centric environment within the institution.

Increase in Dietary Charges

Apart from the room rent changes, AIIMS has also revised the dietary charges for patients. The dietary charges, previously set at Rs 200 per day, have been increased to Rs 300 per day. This increase will cover the cost of meals provided to patients during their hospital stay, ensuring they receive nutritious and adequate nourishment.

In conclusion, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, has taken steps to enhance its medical facilities and services while addressing the rising costs of healthcare maintenance. The increase in room rent and diet charges for private wards is a necessary measure to sustain the institution’s exceptional standards of care. However, AIIMS has balanced this change by removing user charges for diagnostic procedures up to Rs 300 and ensuring affordable dietary charges for patients. These decisions demonstrate AIIMS’s ongoing commitment to providing top-quality healthcare while considering the financial well-being of its patients.

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