Let copper take care of you

Dr Abhay Kumar, Associate Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer (Water Technology), Eureka Forbes Limited


Ayurveda tells us that the mineral copper has many benefits – from anti-ageing properties to cancer prevention. Drinking copper-infused water can transform your health through greater immunity

 Across the world, there is a growing preference for organic products and also a trend to return to nature and natural health boosts. From soaps and shampoos to food, the negative effects of chemicals used and artificial additives are being seen as outweighing the positive. The challenge is that medicines are supposed to cure illnesses and have landed up creating drug-resistant strains of the same diseases. Therefore, as a solution, the world is looking closely at traditional methods and nature-based healing techniques to boost immunity primarily. The most prominent among them is Ayurveda.

India is the birthplace of Ayurveda – a 5,000-year-old system of healthy living. Originating from ancient Vedic culture, its principles form the roots of many modern techniques such as homoeopathy. For years, Ayurveda took a backseat because of the influence of western medicine. But, with greater emphasis, on natural ingredients and treatments, Ayurveda is making a mark in a big way again.

One of these ingredients, which could go a long way in solving health issues, is copper. Early literature has recorded that mild copper deficiency in humans and animals was often characterised by neutropenia, a condition associated partly with a decrease in the number of white blood cells which fight off infection. A person with low levels of neutrophils is more likely to get infectious diseases because his or her immunity would be low.

Ayurveda is now recognised as a complete system of natural medicine by the World Health Organization (WHO). Europe and the US have embraced Ayurveda as a science as well as a preventive technique through changes in lifestyle.

Ayurveda recognises three basic energies in the human body, termed as doshas; they are Vata (energy of movement), Pitta (energy of metabolism) and Kapha (energy of lubrication and structure).

According to Ayurveda, drinking copper-enriched water on an empty stomach in the morning helps balance all three doshas and ensures proper functioning of the human body. The age-old practice of storing water in copper vessels taps into this principle. Copper helps purify the water by killing microorganisms, mould, fungi, algae and bacteria. Storage in copper vessels allows water to absorb this mineral, which is vital for the human body.

Copper has the following properties that make it very important for optimal functioning of the body:


It sterilises bacteria, destroying them quickly and effectively. Apart from protecting the body against common bacteria such as E.coli and S.aureus, it helps wounds heal faster.


Copper staves off free radicals formed by oxidation and negates their ill effects. Free radicals are considered one of the main causes of cancer. Copper acts as an anti-carcinogenic by protecting the cell membrane, which also delays the formation of fine lines on the skin.


Copper is a great remedy of ulcers, indigestion and infections as it helps kill harmful bacteria. It is a natural detox, regulating the working of the liver and kidneys and ensures elimination of waste. As an anti-inflammatory agent, copper also helps relieve pain in inflamed joints – like in the case of arthritis.

The benefits of the right amounts of copper range from looking young to boosting the immune system. According to Ayurveda, drinking water should be stored in a copper vessel for more than four hours. The trace quantities of the mineral that dissolve in the water are adequate for the daily needs of the human body.

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