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World Tuberculosis Day: Gas Heaters Can Cause Serious Health Issues, Especially In Children

We get to know about something very often. The main idea behind inventing these things is to make the life of humans easier. One such product is a gas heater. In no time, gas heaters have gained immense popularity but they can be injurious to health, especially children, as they produce not only carbon dioxide, (CO2) but also carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Apart from this, gas heaters also release formaldehyde which is a colourless, strong-smelling and flammable chemical.

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Children are at more risk from the harmful gases emitted by heaters

Studies have shown that children are at more risk from the harmful gases emitted by heaters.

Gas emitted by gas heaters included toxic materials found in wood smoke, which is known to aggravate cough and wheezing. Sulphur dioxide found them causes bronchoconstriction in people with asthma.

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Another very common cause of suffocation in children is increased levels of carbon monoxide (CO) inside the house. This happens when the gas heater consumes all the oxygen in the room.

Carbon monoxide is invisible, odourless and tasteless gas and therefore very difficult to detect. It is very toxic and deprives the body of oxygen.

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Some of the common symptoms of CO poisoning are fatigue, rapid breathing, headache, dizziness, nausea, muscle weakness, confusion, etc. In extreme conditions, long exposure to too much carbon monoxide can also result in even death.

This is why the use of such indoor gas heaters should be avoided unless and until the room is well ventilated and the exhaust fans are running and the windows are open. Although many doctors are against the use of gas heaters, all of them would advise being careful while using them.

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Use of room heaters and blowers can be harmful

One should also keep in mind that the use of room heaters and blowers for an extended duration can also cause serious respiratory diseases in children. There has been a rise in such incidents in the recent past. Indoor pollution is considered to be the sixth biggest cause of death in recent years.

If a child sleeps in a closed room with the heater on all night, the kid can be at high risk of breathing problems. It can become a serious respiratory problem in future. Asthma is the most prevalent disease nowadays and is found in children all over the world. The role of indoor pollution is now causing serious illness in children. They even cause lung infections, which is among the most common and fatal respiratory infections.

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