You can do these easy workouts from the comfort of your chair.

These Exercises Help Repair Damage Done By Sedentary Lifestyle: Check Details

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home is becoming a new normal. Despite the number of cases related to coronavirus witnessing a downfall and restrictions being eased, work from home is likely to continue. Most of the time, working hours in work from home format stretch beyond the usual shift. This is something that has made our body suffer in ways we have not been able to decipher completely. Spending long hours sitting in an incorrect posture is taking a heavy toll on our bodies. While it is well known that incorporating some exercises in our daily routine is good for our health in long term, finding enough time for it from the daily schedule could be a challenge for many.

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s has shared some easy exercises that can be easy solutions to your fitness woes. Diwekar said that a sedentary lifestyle is a cause of concern for many. It is causing problems in our head, neck and back. The exercises suggested by her are easy to adopt and even a lay person can do it perfectly. Most importantly, you can do these easy workouts from the comfort of your chair.


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Exercise 1: For this, you need a chair with an arm and backrest. Sit on the chair but don’t give your backbone any support from the backrest of the chair. Lift your chest, move your shoulders back and shoulder blades towards your hips. Keep your palms at the side of the chair. Put your neck straight, bend your knees and lift your legs up, then bring them down. Repeat it at least 5 times. This exercise provides a good workout to your lower body.

Exercise 2: Since our legs are remains on the ground while we are sitting on a chair for most of the time, they have to work extra hard to throw the deoxygenated blood back up to the circulatory system. This exercise can help in it. For this, put your hand in the arm rest, lift up your chest, now bring your elbows together and simply lift both legs up and hold for five seconds. Now ben your legs and bring them down. If you are feeling comfortable, you can repeat this exercise.

Exercise 3: Move toward the front portion of the chair and lift your chest up. Take your hands back one at a time and hold the back rest. Simply stay. Now straighten your elbows, roll your shoulders back, squeeze your shoulder blades together. This will help strengthen your shoulders and get rid of extra flab on your arms.

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