Tech Platforms Transforming Student Well-being And Mental Health

LISSUN Revolutionizes Student Mental Health
LISSUN Revolutionizes Student Mental Health

LISSUN Takes a Stand Against Student Suicides

In a proactive move to combat the rising rates of student suicides in Kota, LISSUN, India’s leading mental health platform, has launched a groundbreaking tech platform. This initiative aims to provide essential support to students facing intense academic competition and exam pressure.

A Lifeline for Struggling Students

The alarming statistics of student suicides in Kota have reached their highest point in years, with 23 cases reported this year alone. LISSUN’s CEO, Dr. Krishna Veer Singh emphasizes the urgency of addressing this crisis and the importance of student mental well-being in securing their future success.

Comprehensive Support for the Education Ecosystem

LISSUN’s holistic outreach program extends its support not only to students but also to coaching institutes, hostels, administrative bodies, and the community at large. Suicide prevention is a shared responsibility, and LISSUN is at the forefront of providing the necessary resources.

Impacting Thousands of Lives

With partnerships established with around 25 prestigious educational institutions, LISSUN has positively impacted over 25,000 students across India. Its success in prominent educational hubs like Kota, Delhi-NCR, Pune, Jaipur, and Lucknow highlights its role as a key player in mental health within the education sector.

The Future of Student Mental Well-being

LISSUN’s new tech product introduces a range of innovative features to support students’ mental health, including personalized emotional strength coaching, group sessions with qualified experts, digital self-help tools, emotional wellness assessments, and regular check-ins.

Mr. Tarumeet Singh Bedi, a renowned social activist, applauds LISSUN’s dedication to suicide prevention, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding the mental health of the youth for a brighter future.

In the face of a growing crisis, LISSUN is taking significant steps to rewrite the narrative of student well-being. With its innovative tech platform, it is poised to revolutionize mental health support in educational settings, providing a lifeline to students grappling with academic pressures.

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