Successful Treatment of a Woman Cancer Patient at BLK Hospital

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New Delhi, February 4: Woman Cancer Patient: When I came to know about my disease my kids are very small but 8 I never got too much worried for cried. I always visited my doctor with a lot of positivity.

The Man with the Woman says, “When we got to know about the disease we were clueless about what to do about it. It is easy to console others when something like this happens to them but when it happened to us we had no idea where to go go, whom to approach. But I really have to say that if this would have had happened to me I would never be able to recover the way a she has and with so much courage.

The hard truth of life is that when a calamity befalls on us it weakens us in many ways and we can’t think straight about what to do next.

We were worried until we got her PET CT Scan done. It was only after the scan was done that we were relieved.”

Dr. Amit Agarwal, Oncologist, BLK Hospital on the Woman’s Successful Cancer Treatment

Dr. Amit Agarwal, Oncologist, BLK Hospital says, “As a patient she has always taken her cancer treatment with a positive attitude. You can see that there is always a smile on her face. Those people who take up there disease with such positive attitude enjoy better results and even for us treating them becomes easier. Hence there is no doubt that approaching both the diagnosis and treatment with a positive attitude always helps. It is pertinent for this and for that matter any other disease.

Woman Patient says, “I pray to God for all people that they should not be scared if they have such a disease as mine. They should just think the doctors are like gods on earth and have faith in their treatment. I am saying this with immense happiness.”

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