Positive Covid Report Not Mandatory For Admission In Hospitals: Health Ministry

Some relaxations on hospital admissions have been brought by the Health Ministry on Saturday which said that a positive coronavirus disease (Covid-19) report is no more mandatory for admission to Covid-19 hospitals.

To ensure that no patient is denied of adequate medical care, the ministry took the decision as the nation fights the massive second wave of Covid-19, the

The admission to patients should not be refused at any count even if the patient belongs to some different city, said the health ministry in a statement. All the medical arrangements like oxygen or essential drugs should be administered to the patient.

“Admissions to the hospital must be based on need. It should be ensured that beds are not occupied by persons who do not need hospitalization,” the statement said. The statement said that these new rules are applicable to all government as well as private hospitals. “This patient-centric measure aims to ensure prompt, effective and comprehensive treatment of patients suffering from Covid-19,” the statement said.

A suspect case of coronavirus should be kept in the suspect ward of the Covid-19 Care Center (CCC), Dedicated Covid-19 Health Centre (DCHC) or Dedicated Covid-19 Hospital (DCH), noted the health ministry. The hospitals are not asked to demand valid identity card that does not belong to the city where the hospital is located for admitting the patient, mentioned the Health Ministry.

However, the ministry has urged the chief secretaries of states and Union Territories to issue necessary orders and circulars and asked them to implement the new rules within the next three days.

India is facing the massive second wave that recorded more than 4 lakh cases on Saturday, which pushed the cumulative case tally to 21.89 million. The nation reported 4,187 deaths which took its death toll to 238,270.

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