Max Hospital Gurugram: Transforming Lives Through Hip Replacement

Max Hospital : Transforming Lives Through Hip Replacement
Max Hospital : Transforming Lives Through Hip Replacement

A New Lease on Life

Doctors at Max Hospital, Gurugram, have given a fresh lease on life to a 36-year-old man suffering from severe hip pain. This individual had been grappling with acute discomfort in his right hip for years, affecting his daily activities.

Battling Avascular Necrosis

The patient’s condition was attributed to avascular necrosis, a condition characterized by the death of bone tissue due to insufficient blood supply. Although once considered rare, avascular necrosis now affects people of all age groups, with a noticeable increase in cases among young adults in the post-COVID era.

Diagnosis and Intervention

Mr. TK, a 36-year-old resident of Gurgaon, sought medical help at Max Hospital’s OPD. His complaints of persistent, debilitating hip pain led to a detailed evaluation. The diagnosis revealed secondary osteoarthritis, a severe case of avascular necrosis. It was evident that total hip replacement was the only path to restore his quality of life.

A Rising Concern

Dr. SKS Marya, Chief Surgeon at Max Hospital, Gurugram, emphasized that while avascular necrosis is not a common ailment, there has been a concerning four-fold increase in cases among young adults after the COVID-19 pandemic. This condition predominantly affects the hip joint but can also impact other joints such as the knee, shoulder, ankle, and wrist. Dr. Marya stresses the importance of consulting a doctor for persistent joint pain to rule out underlying diseases and initiate timely treatment.

With the success of total hip replacement surgery, they have reaffirmed their dedication to enhancing the quality of life for their patients.

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