The IMA urged the government to withdraw the mandatory nature of the regulation.

IMA Writes To Union Health Minister Over Newly Notified Regulation By NMC

IMA has written a letter to Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Mansukh Mandaviya, regarding the newly introduced NMC (National Medical Commission)-Registered Medical Practitioner (Professional Conduct) Regulations 2023.

The letter from the Indian Medical Association (IMA) to the Minister follows a recent meeting where a delegation led by national president Sharad Kumar Agarwal met Mandaviya and other stakeholders to discuss concerns about the newly established regulations.

Expressing serious reservations about the regulations, IMA highlighted a key point of contention – the compulsory prescription of generic drugs for doctors. This mandate raises significant worries for IMA due to its direct implications on patient well-being and safety. The letter emphasized that an extremely small percentage (less than 1%) of generic drugs produced in India undergo quality testing. The IMA underlined that both the government and the medical profession consider patient care and safety as non-negotiable priorities.

Additionally, the letter addressed Section 10 of Chapter 1, which pertains to the prohibition of endorsing products or individuals by Registered Medical Practitioners (RMPs) either individually or as part of organizations. IMA, alongside other professional bodies, is registered under Acts such as the Societies Act. The letter clarified that IMA’s objectives, as outlined in its Memorandum, Rules, and Bye Laws, encompass medical education and public health. Therefore, its activities, including Continuing Medical Education and health awareness campaigns, are well-founded and legally supported.

Mandating full digitization within three years is impractical: IMA

Regarding Section 13D of Chapter 1, the letter discussed the responsibility of RMPs concerning medical records. It stated that while the idea of digitization is favorable, mandating full digitization within three years is impractical. IMA suggested a more gradual transition period to implement this regulation.

The IMA urged the government to reconsider the obligatory nature of the generic drug prescription requirement until the quality of all drugs could be guaranteed.

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Furthermore, the IMA requested that Associations/Organizations be exempted from the reach of NMC Regulations. Lastly, the association proposed that digitalization should be made a desirable yet optional process.

In conclusion, the IMA’s correspondence highlights its concerns regarding the newly introduced NMC regulations, focusing on the prescription of generic drugs, the scope of regulations over associations, and the timeline for digitization of medical records.

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