“I Feel Violated”: Patient Shares Her Ordeal At Hiranandani Hospital

A patient's visit for an ECG test to Hiranandani hospital in Powai turned into a nightmare for her.

Building a Robust Future: The Imperative of R&D in Indian Healthcare and Medtech
Building a Robust Future: The Imperative of R&D in Indian Healthcare and Medtech

“Patient’s Nightmare: Privacy Violation During ECG Test at Hiranandani Hospital in Powai”

A patient’s visit for an ECG test to Hiranandani hospital in Powai turned into a nightmare for her. She took to her Twitter account on Saturday to share her ordeal. The patient hails from Shillong, said that she ‘felt violated’ after the incident.  According to her, a man from the housekeeping staff walked in as she was lying alone on the bed – not clothed, the machine still hooked up to her during the test – and despite the curtains being drawn the man still came inside.

Twitter Thread: Patient’s Privacy Violation during ECG Test at Hiranandani Hospital – A Disturbing Incident

Explaining the whole incident in a Twitter thread she further wrote, “He ran off when I shouted. The nurse did not do my ECG test in a private room and had taken me to the casualty ward, where she put me on a bed and drew the curtain around me. This after she assured me no one would come in. She should have taken me to a private room.”

“I feel exposed, embarrassed and insulted,” she expressed.

Patient’s Outrage: Hiranandani Hospital’s Failure to Ensure Safety and Privacy during Medical Procedure”

“The hospital should have ensured that as a patient I would be safe. The housekeeping staffer used the excuse that he needed to take out the machine. How the fuck can they even be allowed inside unless called. I wanted to make a complaint but the nurse minimised my experience and refused to give me the name of the staffer who by then had begun to apologise. She was speaking to the other nurses, discussing my situation and brushing it off like it meant nothing! which was infuriating!”, she said.

She also demanded to meet the manager about the incident and said, “I then stormed off to the front counter and demanded to meet the manager. She came, apologised and we went and spoke to the guilty party- the nurse who had left me alone in that compromising position and the staffer. They apologised but it did nothing to make me feel better.”

“Patient Describes Shocking Incident: Safety Concerns at Hiranandani Hospital Raise Alarms”

She claimed, “The nurse could have taken me to a private room but she was too lazy to, she did it where it was convenient for her. The staffer was a creep who walked in and was apologising to my husband more than me! He saw me but he apologised to my husband! I dont know what else I can do to get some redressal for this. I just wanted to let everyone reading this to know that they should avoid Hiranandani hospital because you are not safe there.”

She said, that the housekeeping staff was just hanging around trying to creep on women and the nurses also did not even care rather they will make fun of you if you even try to raise an issue. She said, “I have had a really horrible experience and I believe that most hospitals in India do not have set protocols regarding the safety of their patients.”

Though she has been trying to make a written complaint to the hospital but they keep giving the email addresses that bounce.

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