Dementia is a syndrome which is caused by destroying nerve cells due to neuro disease.

How To Manage Day-To-Day Life Of Elderly Parents Suffering From Dementia?

By – Ishita Bagchi, Head-HR & Operations of Vesta Elder Care

With modernization, adapting to this fast-paced world might appear to be challenging. Some have adjusted to this society, while others are still suffering. The introduction of new illnesses, on the other hand, has remained constant over the years. Dementia is one of them, and it is rather frequent among the elderly. According to data revealed by WHO, dementia is the seventh leading cause of death among older people globally and currently, more than 55 million people over the world are going through dementia which is probably going to increase by 10 million every year.

Dementia is a syndrome which is caused by destroying nerve cells due to neuro disease or any injury which affects thinking ability and mental ability causing memory loss and lack of logical reasoning. But the question is how do people manage their diurnal activities with their elders who are going through the miseryen of demtia? It is undoubtedly challenging work to manage, but with a few adjustments and preparation, caring for our elders is a breeze. Here are a few suggestions to help you provide your elderly parents with a loving and caring life:

Plan a daily schedule

People with dementia frequently forget their daily routines, meal times, and job schedule. So establishing a rigid daily schedule can be beneficial. Maintain a strict time for the meal, exercise, sleep and other activities with regular consistency.

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Go for professional elder care

Dementia can cause confusion and disorientation, leading patients to roam to other locales, which is a cause for concern for the family. A professional caregiver is an ideal solution which can help families because in these situations they are experts at creating a safe and secure environment for the patients. A professional caregiver can track all your elderly parent’s medications, physician’s appointments and other information

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Communicate with your loved ones

Communicating with someone dealing with this syndrome can be difficult, but some ways might assist. For instance, talk politely, use basic language, and refrain from asking too many questions. Strive to actively listen to and respond to your elderly loved one’s wants and worries.

Self Care is essential

Caring for your elderly parents can be extremely weary which can affect you physically and mentally. Self-care is also important for your well-being, exercise and meditate regularly to keep yourself healthy.

Remember, caring for your elderly loved one suffering from dementia is a challenging task. Following these strategies can help you to manage things comfortably. You should also be in ideal condition for taking care of your elders so take a brief pause to arrange things for the ease and care of your elders.

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