Plant-Based Products Catering To Need Of People During COVID-19

Eating clean and nutritious foods is one of the major pillars of preventive healthcare which undeniably helps in being healthier and better, especially during coronavirus pandemic.

Given the current situation, there has been a growing awareness of preventive healthcare. Eating clean and nutritious foods is one of the major pillars of preventive healthcare which undeniably helps in being healthier and better, especially during coronavirus pandemic. Considering this, Plix has launched several plant-based products that clean, sugar-free, and gluten-free products. 

Rishubh Satiya, Founder and CEO, Plix, feels that there has been an increasing awareness of nutrition in Tier 2 and 3 cities where the focus is on natural, clean & plant-based nutrition.

“Based on the statistics, we have also seen that plant-based nutrition be it for everyday fitness, skin, hair, etc will certainly see tremendous growth in the coming years. Plix has already seen a 10 fold growth since its day of inception. Plix is just a year old brand but its topline revenue is just under Rs 20 crore, D2C approach from the beginning has helped Plix grow even in the pandemic situation,” Rishubh said.

Here are excerpts of an interview with Rishubh Satiya.   

What is this plant-based nourishment?

Plix is a plant based nutrition company with clean, sugar free, non gmo, gluten free products which cater to everyday individuals. The key differentiator of our products is that we deliver what we promise that is we use 100% plant based ingredients, whole food ingredients to create our products. We use clinically backed standardized ingredients and extract. Take for example, The Plix Immunity boosting Supergreens consists of vegetable nutrients like Spirulina, Parsley, Spinach, Mint leaves, Moringa etc. consists of 45 ingredients in total that include protein, antioxidants, vitamins and probiotics. So what we try to do is give a blend of superfoods in our product, like to aid easy digestion of protein we add digestive enzymes which comes from papain bromelain which are again natural sources of extract. We add antioxidants as part of superfoods like lycopene which is extracted from tomatoes and grapeseed. 

How does it work and how the products are being manufactured?

To ensure our product is of the best quality, we source our ingredients from all over the world. For instance We source the pea protein from France and our brown rice protein comes from the USA. We source our ingredients from 6-7 countries across the world. This is to ensure that Indians receive the best quality products rich in nutrition. Our manufacturing unit is located in Pune. Warehouse is in Mumbai

COVID-19 has forced people to adopt natural ways of boosting immunity. In such a scenario, where do you see your products?

The Covid pandemic has led to an increase in demand for plant based nutrition and vegan products. Moreover, the demand for immunity boosting supplements is on rise and what better gift to give your loved ones than the gift of good health. 

Plix as a brand as mentioned earlier tries to cater to solve nutritional problems of everyday individual. This is what we try to communicate through all our channel of communication. So even if an individual is working out or not he will consume the protein as per the daily requirements. Moreover during the lockdown people have become more health conscious and have been trying to build immunity and stay fit. This is the reason where our innovative product range of Vitamin C, Green Elixir has helped us to cater to the needs of everyone and help our consumers stay fit and healthy. 

What are the things that Plix products offer?

We are introducing a line of innovative superfoods and wholefoods, which are not only easy to consume but gives you a fantastic taste. At the same time our products cater to solve nutrition issues of everyday individual and hence our high quality products are price effective but delivers the best result. 

In October we launched World’s first Apple Cider Vinegar effervescent. The first of its kind product brings a delicious and tasty alternative to traditional apple cider vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar has loads of wellness and preventive powers. But we noticed that people were avoiding it’s consumption because of the tarty flavour and smell. So we decided to bring to you the most tastiest way to consume Apple Cider vinegar giving it a sweet and flavourful makeover.

We also launched Vitamin C in it’s natural form with Amla extract in effervescent form. Followed by that a whole food multivitamin, was launched which is our Green Elixir it’s a blend of 21 superfoods in a fun way to you know consumer products and we want that to be like a replacement to your unhealthy drinks like Coke or Pepsi where you can just pop a pill to get a nice fizzy drink which is like a lemonade, which also gives you your superfoods plus your multivitamins.

If you see the plant based proteins industry is still at a nascent stage in India and there are no organised player in the market yet. However there are few startups like Oziva, Ace blend, Unived etc. who are trying to introduce different things to grab consumer’s attention. 

Plix on the other hand focuses on bringing the best quality products by blending in the pure ingredients and provide a unique taste to the millennial of the country. We also focus on providing a unique packaging that provides usage convenience to the consumers, also the first hand consumer feedback by the influencers helps us to get the edge over the competitors. 


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