Fittr’s CEO And Founder Jitendra Chouksey Urges The Community To Get Fit With His #10Yearchallenge 

Reigniting the zeal of fitness in people, Fittr’s CEO and Founder has started #10yearchallenge for fitness. Fittr’s community and fitness fanatics have also jumped on the wagon with JC and continue to share their ten-year mind-blowing transformations.

Fittr, a community first platform, has been witnessing some jaw dropping inspiring photos of users. It is incredible to witness a whole community coming together to celebrate their achievements of incorporating a better lifestyle. This challenge is aimed at motivating people and instilling the importance of being healthy in them.

Many users like Fittr coach Jignyasha shared her astonishing fitness journey, shedding light on her battle against unhealthy lifestyle. Joining her on the initiative were many female Fittr coaches sharing their inspiring transformation journeys such as Fittr Coach Priyanka Sehrawat, Reshma Raju, Sohamjita Roy, and Certified Yoga teacher, Arijita Chowdhary.

In this ever-evolving world, it is important to take up the challenges and be a better version of yourself. In the journey of being fit one is always in competition with themselves and as the popular phrase goes ‘when you are in competition with yourself, you should always win’. With the goal of making 50 million people fit, such challenges by JC and Fittr are something to look forward to.

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