FDA Panel Endorses Lower-Dose Moderna COVID Shot For Booster

Some Americans who received Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine should get a half-dose booster to boost protection against the virus said the US health advisers on Thursday.

Unanimously the panel of advisers to the Food and Drug Administration voted to endorse a booster shot for seniors, adults with other health problems and the ones whose jobs or living situations that put them at increased risk for coronavirus disease.

Its recommendation is towards expanding the US booster campaign to millions more Americans but is non-binding. Many people who got their early Pfizer shots at least six months ago are already getting a booster after the FDA authorised their use last month.

As for the cure, original Moderna vaccination consists of two 100-microgram shots. But Moderna says a single 50-microgram shot should be enough for a supporter. The agency convened its experts Thursday and Friday to weigh-in on who should get boosters and when for people that entered the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson shots before this time.

The FDA will use its counsels’recommendations in making final opinions for boosters from both companies. Assuming a positive decision, there is still another chain Coming week, a panel convened by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will offer further specifics on who should get one.

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