According to the memorandum, the committee will have nine members.

Delhi AIIMS To Improve Responsiveness With Help Of Upcoming Internal Message Communication System

Delhi AIIMS: All India Institute of Medical Sciences, also known as AIIMS, is a premier medical college and hospital in the national capital. In order to improve its services and responsiveness in case of emergencies, AIIMS has decided to constitute a committee for setting up an internal message communication at the hospital. The system is expected to not only improve responsiveness and collaboration but also coordination among various stakeholders.

An office memorandum, which was issued recently, said that a robust message system will allow the dissemination of important communication to a large group of employees. This will enhance the promptness and the capacity of the hospital to handle mass casualties or disaster situations and improve emergency response.

The memorandum was issued on April 19 by AIIMS Director Dr M Srinivas. It also stated that AIIMS caters to over 25,000 patients and visitors every single day. The campuses of the premier institute are spread across areas like Ansari Nagar, Trilok Puri, Jhajjar, Ballabhgarh and Ghaziabad.

It is worth mentioning that emails, e-Office or personal phone calls are the modes being used to sent official communications. This may lead to a delay in communication as requires a lot of time and effort.

“Responsiveness, collaboration and coordination among various stakeholders can be improved with the help of an efficient, safe and robust messaging system for quick communication. This will be helpful, especially during emergency situations,” the office memorandum stated.

The quick communication system will disseminate all important communications to a large group of employees within no time, improving emergency response. According to the memorandum stated, the system would also have the capability to restrict personal use of mobile phones during working hours.

This system will address all the requirements of the institution and would broadly have features like an application-based system based on both Android and iOS devices.

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The application must let users send and receive instant messages for prompt and secure communications regarding patient care activities, official communications, etc.

According to the memorandum, the committee will have nine members. Also, the committee has been directed to request an expression of interest (EOI) in this regard.

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