Largest Tumour Removed From African


A breakthrough surgery at Fortis, Shalimar Bagh, rids Tanzanian of 24 kg burden

Alyoce John is now walking painless and free. That means a lot to him, having carried a 24 kg tumour in his stomach for almost two years and the burden of disease that nobody had a cure for.

Doctors at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh removed the largest tumour ever from the Tanzanian man’s abdomen after he was turned down by doctors back home. In a rarest of rare case, his tumour weighed 24 kg and measured 36X40 cm in size. It was removed from the abdomen by Dr Pradeep Jain, Director, GI Oncology, and his team at the facility of Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh through a complex surgery.

John was suffering from the ill effects of his tumour since December 2017. At that time he hardly knew what he was heading towards, complaining of severe stomach aches. He described how he “took painkillers to treat the pain that would start from the left side of his stomach and move towards  the right side and then the centre of the abdomen with acute pain while passing urine.’” He went to consult a doctor in February 2018 after the pain had continued for three months and he thought he could be ignoring a potentially serious condition. The doctors there did an MRI and found a tumour in his abdomen. He was under medication until September 2018 hoping that it would reduce the growth, but the review MRI reports showed replication of his tumour. He had no choice but to be operated. However, doctors back in Tanzania told him the surgery could be risky as the tumour was suppressing a few of his major organs and they would rather not touch it, therefore.

This left John confused but he still consulted every doctor that he could but none of them had an answer for his problems. He was rapidly losing weight and his stomach was constantly growing big. It was only after he came to India that he found a new hope of being treated and getting well. ‘ I am relieved and hopeful now, I have suffered a lot for 1.5 years, I cannot wait to get back to my life again’ says John.

The duration for which the tumour had existed in his abdomen and its size presented a complex case. On examination,  Dr Jain found that the size of the tumour was rapidly increasing and it was pushing large intestines and compressing his urethra. There was a huge risk of excessive blood loss during the surgery which could be very fatal for the patient’s life. There was also a major risk of an intestinal and urinary leak. However, despite all these risks and complications, Dr Jain and his team still went ahead with the surgery and operated on John. ‘ It is very rare to see the tumour grow to such an extent. The tumour weighed 24 kg which is life-threatening. The patient was very fortunate to have survived this long without suffering any severe medical condition,” said he.

The surgery was performed on May 31 and it turned out to be a complete success for everyone. The doctors never gave up and were adamant about turning all odds in their favour and giving a new life to the patient. For John, it is a new lease of life and he intends making the most of it. And he has made friends for life.


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