#InternationalWomensDay: Know The Importance Of Intimate Hygiene: Why It Is Imperative For All

The intimate area should also be protected against infections that can be caught while using public washrooms.

We all become extremely diligent when it comes to purchasing face washes, shampoos, or any personal care products. However, most of the time, we overlook an important organ of our bodies that is our vaginas.

Most of the women will agree that they haven’t given the required attention to their vaginas. But intimate hygiene is very important and we should know how to take care of it.

Why is vaginal hygiene important?

The three most common vaginal problems are yeast infection, trichomoniasis and Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). The pregnancy can lead to yeast infection due to poor eating habits or antibiotics that can cause an imbalance in natural vaginal flora.

However, trichomoniasis occurs because of unprotected sex. After having established the importance of vagina, we can now go over a few ways to maintain it visit to know more about all INTIMATE HYGIENE PRODUCT.

Srijana Bagaria, Co-founder, Pee Safe said, “Ensuring access to good hygiene and sanitation practices is one of the sustainable development goals. However, when it comes to women and their access to these amenities for better health, there is not much to talk about in our country. This is, despite numerous campaigns and other initiatives both by the government and private sector entities. The pandemic further widened this gap by leaving many women without access to basic and affordable things like a sanitary pad. Pee Safe went a step ahead during this time and even before COVID-19 struck, we launched our sister concern Raho Safe, a brand that provides access to affordable personal hygiene and wellness products. At Pee Safe, we even launched our own range of female condoms called Domina, something that is yet to be popularly accepted in India.”

“Pee Safe was a brand that started to address the need for hygienic solutions for women at the outset and diversified to other products later. As women, we are often challenged by limited opportunities, lack of products that suit our needs, among other things. On Women’s Day, it is important to bust the myth that these challenges are roadblocks. On the contrary, these are an opportunity in disguise. We must quit trying to prove ourselves but rather focus on growing and acknowledging our potential to succeed. We have been changemakers always and will continue to remain so for the times to come,” she added.

Vaginal washing and keeping your vagina healthy is very important, as it helps you to keep away the itchiness, discomfort, bad odour, discharge, rashes or urinary tract infections.

Hence, it’s high time that we take intimate hygiene seriously and keep our vaginas healthy.

However, the key to keep the vagina healthy is by sustaining the pH level and by using bathing soaps for the vagina can disrupt this balance and cause more harm than expected.

The intimate area should also be protected against infections that can be caught while using public washrooms. This is where intimate wipes come in handy and Pee Safe could help you with its Intimate Wash and Wipes.

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