Know How You Can Strengthen Your Child’s Immunity

Children are the most affected citizens of our society. It is because their immunity is still in the development stage

— Kamayani Naresh, Founder Of Zyropathy

In India, we have successfully developed herd immunity. It has allowed us to ease restrictions and open the country for business. Although many are taking precautionary measures for granted. It can be dangerous and give rise to serious concerns in the process of eradicating the pandemic.

In the current scenario, we all need to follow the rules laid down by the authorities. It is for our benefit. These rules are formed with the help of international experts and organizations that know about the virus. The rules made are also the same restrictions followed by others across the world.

Children are the most affected citizens of our society. It is because their immunity is still in the development stage. The pandemic is proving to be difficult for them. The only way we can help our children be strong and build immunity is by giving them healthy habits. A healthy lifestyle and diet can contribute significantly. Here are some things we can do to boost our children’s immunity:

Fruits and vegetables: Ensure to give your children healthy and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Carrots, green beans, orange, and seasonal berries have phytonutrients. It enhances the infection-fighting white blood cells in the body. It also possesses an interferon that forms a layer over blood cells, protecting them from viruses. Research says that these properties help fight chronic diseases such as cancer and heart issues in adult life. It is recommended that children have a minimum of 5-servings of such ingredients in their daily diet.

Encourage a good sleep routine: Several studies have shown evidence that sleep deprivation can cause dangerous illnesses. It is known to promote natural cell reduction in the body, which is significant in fighting cancer cells and microbes. A good sleep routine is essential in restoring energy and boost immunity. It helps in strengthening the heart, increase productivity, and improves memory. A good sleep routine includes sleeping and waking up at nearly the same time every day. Ensure to sleep in dark and quiet rooms to not disturb the rest hours of children.

Inculcate hygienic habits: In recent times, we have learned that being clean and hygienic is critical. Hand washing at regular intervals, daily showers, and washing of fruits and vegetables is a healthy way of living. It helps fight disease-causing germs. Pay special attention to germs when playing outdoor with pets and toys.

In conclusion, we must take care of our lifestyle and inculcate healthy habits in our children. Healthy eating is one of the most prominent contributors to immunity building. Regular doctor visit for full-body checks is also a critical part of healthy living. Working out and exercising helps in keeping children’s minds and bodies healthy and happy.

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