Know How To Reverse Lifestyle Diseases Permanently

Mr Indroneil Mukerjee an accomplished Bach Flower therapist and a transformational Life Coach

The proliferation of lifestyle diseases, the world over, is threatening to cause what could be the next pandemic. Most of those affected have given in to a lifetime’s dependence on medication, with the strength of dosage increasing in regular intervals. Some are signing up with ‘reversal programs, mushrooming by the day and resorting to alternative means like diet, yoga and Ayurveda to heal their metabolic imbalance, which is prevalently considered as the prime cause. Those who are going through such reversal programs seem to be getting benefitted. Temporarily though. Once they stop their diet or fitness regime (which is quite likely given the discipline that is required to be followed) they get back to being obese, diabetic, hypertensive and having dyslipidaemia. Proving the fact that There is no permanent cure through meds or other means which merely address the physical body.

So, then, is a permanent reversal of lifestyle diseases possible? Is it possible for those who, for example, are suffering from diabetes, to free themselves up from the disease and begin to lead a normal life? How do we reverse lifestyle diseases permanently?

Many are asking such fundamental questions, often with strong doubts and little hope of getting answers in the affirmative. The fact of life, however, is that given time and enabled by competent professionals, it is certainly possible to permanently reverse lifestyle diseases.

To be able to understand how lifestyle diseases can permanently be reversed, we need to view such diseases in four levels:

  1. Physical manifestation of the disease and symptoms,
  2. Damaged metabolism that leads to the manifestations,
  3. Negative feelings, thoughts and behaviours, in the conscious and
  4. Limiting blocks and beliefs, in the unconscious

Permanent reversal of lifestyle diseases is only possible if and when the psychological (mental, emotional and behavioural) causes are healed. The most difficult part is not the healing of negative emotions, thoughts and habits but the underlying unconscious conditioning (limiting blocks and beliefs), which give rise to negative emotions and behaviours.

In order to understand this phenomenon, lets take the case of IBS – irritable bowel syndrome. IBS is a disorder that affects the digestive tract and causes abnormal bowel movements. It’s considered to be a functional disorder, meaning there’s nothing wrong with the physical structure of the digestive tract.

The mind and the gut are intertwined in what scientists call the gut-brain axis, a 2-way signalling system between the brain and the gut. This links anxiety and IBS too. In the gut-brain axis, our thoughts, feelings, and environment lead to a release of chemicals that affect different processes in our bodies. With IBS and anxiety, the theory is that when one feels anxious, the body releases stress-related chemicals to the gut that can make it more sensitive and inflamed, which ultimately lead to abdominal pain, a change in your gut bacteria, and abnormal bowel movements.

On the other direction, a poorly functioning gut has been linked to mental health problems. This is because the brain depends on chemicals and hormones that are made by the bacteria in the gut. In fact, over 90% of serotonin is made in the gut! Serotonin is an important chemical that controls mood and helps control anxiety levels. Mental health problems can occur when there is too much or too little of it, causing a vicious circle. An intervention that can break this vicious circle by addressing the deep-seated fears, for example, is that which can permanently reverse such a condition.

One of the most potent modalities of addressing such mental, emotional and behavioural dysfunctions, including their underlying causes, hidden in the unconscious, is Bach Flower therapy.

“Disease of the body itself is nothing but the result of disharmony between soul and mind. It is only a symptom of the cause and, as the same cause will manifest differently, in nearly every individual, seek to remove this cause and the after-results, whatever they may be, will disappear automatically,” says Dr. Edward Bach, discoverer of Bach Flower remedies, used to restore mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Bach flower therapy is the safest therapy known that uses 38 floral essences – called Bach Flower remedies – to heal all conceivable mental and emotional conditions, without any side effect, addiction, risk of over dosage or adverse interactions with other drugs / medicines. The best thing about Bach flower therapy is ease of administration and usage. Involvement of a professional in the healing process is not necessary as the subtle vibrations of the flowers heal the patient from the root. No restrictions or impositions are required whatsoever. All that the patient needs to do is ingest customized combinations of ready-to-use remedies (easily available online and off-the-shelf) regularly, on time.

Here are some lifestyle ailments and their emotional causes, according to the famous Louise Hay:

Diabetes Longing for what might have been. A great need to control. Deep sorrow. No sweetness left.
Hyperlipidaemia Clogging the channels of joy. Fear of accepting joy.
Hypertension Long-standing emotional problem not solved.
Obesity Fear, need for protection. Running away from feelings. Insecurity, self-rejection. Seeking fulfilment.


Using a combinative approach of

  • healing the emotional causes, at the root, with Bach Flower therapy and
  • restoring the damaged metabolism of the body through diet consultation and lifestyle coaching is recommended to reverse most lifestyle diseases, ultimately getting patients off medication and leading a normal lifestyle, permanently.


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