Know Health Benefits Of Guava Fruit And Its Leaves

It helps in boosting the immune system. Due to being one of the richest sources of Vitamin-C in nature

Ms.Harpreet Kaur, Nutritionist, Cloudnine group of hospitals, Panchkula           


  1. It helps in boosting the immune system. Due to being one of the richest sources of Vitamin-C in nature.
  2. Excellent remedy for morning sickness if eaten in morning.
  3. It has high fibre and water content, help in reducing dehydration.
  4. Eating guavas during pregnancy also help in maintaining blood pressure.
  5. Guava leaf extracts may have a positive effect on a range of illness and symptoms including diarrhea, diabetes and indigestion.
  6. It has a low glycemic index so it helps in controlling gestational diabetes.

Benefit in fertility:   Guava helps to boost fertility. Taking guavas can help boost ovulation and fertility in women and increase your chance of getting pregnant. Guava fruit is most often eaten as a snack and the leaves are commonly boiled into an herbal tea, which can be consumed once or twice a week.


  1. GUAVA CHUTNEY (best suited for pregnancy& lactation)


  • 2-3 Medium sized guavas
  •  ½ cup fresh mint leaves
  •  ½ cup fresh coriander leaves
  •  1 inch ginger
  •  ½ cup green garlic
  •  Green chillies (as per your taste)
  •  ½ teaspoon black salt
  •  ½ teaspoon roasted cumin powder
  •  2 teaspoon lemon juice

INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the seeds of guava and cut them into small pieces Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend to make a smooth chutney You can add a dash of water if needed. Enjoy your healthy chutney with your meals.

  1. GUAVA CHAAT (A healthy snack for kids)

INGREDIENTS: 6 peeled and cut guavas

  •   ½ kg boiled, peeled and cut potatoes
  •   Salt to taste
  •   2 tabelspoon lemon juice
  •   ½ teaspoon sugar
  •   Finely chopped green chillies
  •   3 spring onions cut with the leaves
  •   ¾ cup fresh finely chopped coriander
  •   1 teaspoon mint leaves

INSTRUCTIONS: Mix all the ingredients together in a big bowl and add lime juice and coriander leaves for garnishing.







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