‘Know Cancer No Cancer’- BLK Super Specialty Hospital launches the next leg of Community Outreach Programme.

Healthwire Bureau

New Delhi, February 4: To raise cancer awareness among people on the occasion of World Cancer Day- BLK Super Speciality Hospital, in association with New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) and Spring Hope Cancer Foundation, organised a day-long program ‘Beat the Cancer’/ Cancer Paraajit’ at Talkatora Stadium.

Over 1,000 cancer warriors gathered and shared their experience, showcasing their battle for life in the form of play, dance and a fashion show.

BLK also launched the next leg of its community outreach programme- ‘Know Cancer, No Cancer(KCNC)’ and unveiled the findings of the year-long Cancer Screening and awareness campaign in which it screened nearly 50,000 people spread across Delhi-NCR and neighbouring states.

The KCNC data, released on Tuesday, revealed that oral cancer is the most common cancer among people especially smokers and tobacco users. Out of 16 people, precancerous cells were found in one person. On an average, one cancer patient was found out of 200 people screened. Data also revealed that Breast and Cervical cancers are the most common cancer in women and 15% people screened, were found obese. Obesity, according to experts, is a prominent risk factor for cancer. The KCNC data also pointed out that to check the rising incidence of cancer people need to be made aware of advanced facilities for early diagnosis, treatment, and care.

“Lack of awareness often delays the diagnosis and as a result, about 50% cancer patients discover their ailments only in the 3rd or 4th stage, which severely restricts their survival chances,” says Dr. Surender Dabas, Director – surgical oncology and chief of robotic surgery, BLK Cancer Centre. “During our year-long KCNC program we found one person with precancerous cells out of 16 healthy people screened in these camps, which is quite alarming.”

The main attraction of the program was performances by the survivors themselves as they narrated their experience both through performances and dialogue with the audience. Around 1000 cancer survivors participated in the programme.

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