Know About 5 Breast Conditions That Are Not Cancerous At All

It is important for you to know some signs that can very well be misread as symptoms of breast cancer, but they aren’t

Do you have sleepless nights due to fear of developing breast cancer? Well, of course anyone would be.

Therefore it is important to ensure that you do not fall prey to it, it is vital for you to self-regulate and examine your breast regularly. But before you do that, it is important for you to know some signs that can very well be misread as symptoms of breast cancer, but they aren’t.

So, here are five signs that are anything but not breast cancer

Pain in your breast can be due to several reasons

Sometimes people misunderstand about the pain in the breasts. The pain in the breast can be due to various reasons. Like, if you wear a tight or an ill- fitted bra, then your breasts tend to be painful.

Pain is also pretty common with people with bigger breasts; they might experience pain due the heaviness as well. And these pain are not something which is cancerous. It can be a normal pain too.

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Don’t mix up a non-cancerous fibroids or cyst lump with a cancerous one

Many women often mix up a non-cancerous cyst or lump with the cancerous one. Sometimes, you may feel a lump in your breast and you might come to direct conclusion that it is cancerous. But lump can also be caused by fibrosis thickening.

It is quite common at the time of your period. Once the periods are over, the thickening also vanishes.

Many reports say, it also happens due to hormonal changes in the body. A lump is made due to fluid accumulation. .

Fibroadenomas are commonly misread to be breast cancer

Fibroadenomasis commonly known as a breast mouse or a breast marble. These are the small lumps that keep on moving and these are ones what leads to panic in women.

These can be more than one, and made up of glandular and connective tissue. But they are non-cancerous. Reports say these are quite common in women between the age of 20s and 30s.

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Mastitis in lactating mother is another sign that can be misinterpreted

In lactating mother, the milk gets collected in the breast which creates lumps, but they are not cancerous. The milk in the breast gets infected, which causes mastitis and is very painful. But you must visit to your doctor if you see any other symptom than this.

Duct ectasia – a benign breast condition

It is also known as mammary duct ectasia.  This is a condition, in which the milk ducts get widened and thickened. The ducts of your breast get dilated, which then leads to swelling, discharge, and inverted nipples.

Women tend to get paranoid of this because they are the common signs of breast cancer. You should try a hot compress which can help you provide some relief.

In any case you feel something fishy about your breast, then do consult a gynae before you pass any judgment and stress about it.

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