Know 5 Benefits Of The Superman Pose That Kriti Sanon Performs

Superman pose helps to engage your core and the burn you feel in your abdomen and helps in toning them.

Actress Kriti Sanon’s workout posts always give us the motivation to remain fit. These Bollywood divas use their Instagram to keep us updated about their workout routine and give us tips on how to exercise indoors. Kriti Sanon has now joined this trend and has been inspiring us by showing her yoga moves.

Even during the lockdown, the actress posted several workout videos and pictures to inspire us in her ways.

She recently shared a picture on her Instagram handle where she was seen performing a complicated yoga pose. She can be seen doing a Superman Pose (Viparita Shalabhasana) dressed in pink yoga pants and a sports bra. 

She initially started with the chakrasana pose and later, can be seen doing the superman pose! It seems during the lockdown, she had devoted herself to practice yoga and learnt asanas that have multiple benefits for the overall health.

Take a look at her recent Instagram Post which she captions: “Measuring the length of my room 💁🏻‍♀️✌️” while posing a superman pose!

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Measuring the length of my room 💁🏻‍♀️✌️

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Here’s How You Can Do The Superman Pose

Lie down on your belly with your arms stretched out in front of you. Take a deep breath. Slowly lift your head, chest, feet, and thighs, all at the same time. Keep your focus on stretching and breathing. Hold this position for 4 to 5 seconds. Try to engage your core and pelvic muscle as much as you can. You’ll be able to feel the abdominal and gluteal muscles burning! You can repeat this 3 to 4 times when you begin. 

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Here are the 5 benefits of the superman pose:

Tones your abdomen

Superman pose helps to engage your core and the burn you feel in your abdomen and helps in toning them. It also helps in toning your lower back, along with the abdomen.

Hence, it is an amazing workout for people who are aiming for abs.

Improves blood circulation

The superman pose is quite famous for improving blood circulation according to fitness reports and also makes you feel energized all day long.

So, it is also considered to be a good warm-up before starting your workout routine.

Strengthens and stretches the muscles

This pose helps in strengthening and stretching the muscles, starting from the chest, shoulders, and arms to the legs, abdomen, and lower back, this pose stretches the muscles.

It can be termed as a full-body workout as it targets all the major muscles in the body.

Keeps your back flexible

The superman poses keeps the back flexible, as if you are going through a backache issue. It helps in maintaining a flexible back, as it massages your spine along with the backache.

Helps concentrate

According to fitness reports, this pose helps in focusing on balancing your body that requires both mental and physical strength. It also trains the mind to avoid any interrupting thoughts and increases concentration. 

The superman pose can make you feel great and help you stay healthy. However, do avoid it from doing it if you’re pregnant!

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