These 4 Things Happen To Your Body When You Turn Vegan

Turning vegan not only helps you to put a stop to animal brutality but also has a glut of health benefits

The vegan diet is one of the most talked about things in the recent times. Vegan diet includes only plant-based food. Vegan diet is known for all the good reasons!

However, just like any other thing, veganism has a flip side too that we must know about before making the decision of going vegan for life.

“When we turn fully vegan, our body starts absorbing less saturated fat and cholesterol, and therefore it decreases the chances of hypertension, diabetes, gout, obesity, etc, says Dr. Sukeshini Ramteke, Diet Consultant & Sport Physiotherapist, AXIS Hospital.

“However, there may be one disadvantage that your body’s requirements for Proteins, Vitamin-D and Iron may not get fulfilled when you turn vegan. Hence, you need to start taking extra fibre in your food,” she added.

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Know these four things that happen to your body when you turn vegan:

You might gain weight

Unlike any other diet, being vegan also means that you can fall prey to some bad habits that can lead to weight gain. Keeping yourself on the right path and eating mindfully is the key.

You can get micronutrient deficiencies

When you turn vegan, you cut all the meat and even other animal products from your diet. Thus, this can cause a deficiency of micronutrients such as B12, iron, and calcium that are mostly found in meat.

Therefore due to lack of essential nutrients you might feel fatigue and the feeling of tiredness throughout the day.

It can create gastrointestinal disturbances

According to reports, you need to make sudden changes in your diet when you turn vegan. It might take some time for your digestive system adjust to the change.

Foods might taste different

Reports say, lack of zinc in body changes the way things smell or taste as zinc helps to regulate the sense of smell or taste in the body.

Red meat and poultry are rich in zinc and when you turn vegan, you stop eating these. This lead you to micronutrient deficiency. If you are vegan, and you notice any change in smell or taste, then you must start including zinc supplementation in your diet.

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