Kids, Vaayu and Corona: Comic Book To Teach Kids About Covid Vaccines

The graphic novel, titled 'Kids, Vaayu & Corona: Rise of Vaccine and Fall of Corona', has 'Vaayu' as a superhero who has been called upon to educate the children about the various aspects of vaccines.

The Union Health Ministry has released a comic book in a new attempt to educate children about Covid vaccines. The book offers information on the production of vaccines and how they can be distributed safely to the public.

The graphic novel, titled ‘Kids, Vaayu & Corona: Rise of Vaccine and Fall of Corona‘ has ‘Vaayu’ as a superhero who has been called upon to teach children about the different aspects of vaccines. The problems vary from antibodies, types of vaccines, vaccine trial methods, vaccine protection, vaccination registration, etc.

Vaayu also highlights that two vaccines have already been approved in India but informs that they will be given based on priority groups and repeatedly tells the children that Covid precautions need to continue at all points.

Vaayu also points out that two vaccines have already been approved in India, but recommends that they will be administered on the basis of priority groups and consistently advises children that precautions for Covid must continue at all times.

The comic can be found on the website of the Union Health Ministry and can be downloaded from there. It has been conceptualized and written by Dr Ravindra Khaiwal, Additional Professor of Environmental Health- PGIMER- Chandigarh and Dr Suman Mor, Associate Professor and Chairperson, Department of Environmental Studies, University of Punjab.

Coronavirus vaccinations are the subject of much of the debate these days. Coronavirus has become a source of concern for children because they do not comprehend the new normal.

The parent should talk to them and answer their questions so that the children do not worry. The comic also seeks to clear up the misconceptions about vaccines in order to increase their acceptance among the general population for prevention and control of COVID-19.

The Ministry is also releasing other infographic booklets to generate greater public awareness of Covid vaccines and minimize vaccine hesitancy among the general public. On Thursday, a booklet entitled ‘Covid-19 Prevention: Role of Residential Welfare Associations (RWA)‘ was released by Dr VK Paul, NITI Aayog member and Chairman of the National Expert Committee on Vaccine Administration.

The booklet not only addresses how RWAs can ensure that Covid patients are not stigmatized, but also how RWAs can play a role in encouraging residents to receive COVID-19 vaccine, addressing misconceptions, and registering elderly people on Co-WIN, including transportation to vaccine facilities.

“RWAs can help address vaccine hesitancy. There are so many myths and so much misinformation on social media. RWAs can address these rumours. They can take the news by verifying the facts from government sources and then disseminating the right information on their internal communication mediums- Whatsapp groups or display banners at prominent places in the residential society”RWAs can help tackle vaccine hesitancy,” said Dr Suneela Garg, Advisor to ICMR and Director Professor of Community Medicine at Delhi’s Maulana Azad Medical College is among the co-authors of the booklet.

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