KareXpert Technologies Makes Services Live In Paras Hospitals

KareXpert Technologies, a Reliance Jio funded digital telemedicine platform provider has made services live in Paras Hospitals (Gurgaon, Darbhanga, Patna, Chandigarh, Mohali).

One of the leading & top hospital chains on the Pan-India basis, Paras Hospitals are known for its top-class treatment of cancer, cardiac, neuro, ortho, etc. Because of the current pandemic situation, telemedicine at Paras Healthcare has been implemented which helps Corporate and Large hospitals to maintain a constant revenue stream along with proper utilization of doctors.

KareXpert Telemedicine digital platform enabled around 400+ doctors across five units of Paras Healthcare to perform audio/video consultations, send E-prescriptions and access patient EMR/EHR records, and integrated call center CRM. The whole set-up of the solution took just a few hours with zero IT staff requirements from Paras’s side using Cloud-First, Mobile-First approach.

Over 100,000 registered patients now can access medical services remotely. “We are fully committed and dedicated to providing quality healthcare to all patients. Due to COVID-19, it was the need of the hour for us to provide instant access of our doctors to their patients and KareXpert’s digital Telemedicine digital platform along with their exceptional customer service, enabled us to provide uninterrupted services to our patients instantly,” said Dr. Sameer Kulkarni, Director of Facilities – Paras Hospitals.

About KareXpert Telemedicine

KareXpert Telemedicine, a digital healthcare platform is one of the most exhaustive products and services portfolios for private and public healthcare providers globally. Advanced HIMS, Cloud-based EMR/EHR, Telehealth, Connected Ambulance, Medical BI, Medical AI, LIMS, RIS, Pharmacy, Home Care, Call Center CRM, and Medical IoT.

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