JIVO Wellness Launches Oxy Booster: Natural Oxygen In A Box

With the goodness of chlorophyll and wheatgrass, JIVO Wellness brings the Oxy Booster - natural oxygen in a box.

Oxy booster

The deadly second wave of COVID has taken a toll on the country’s health infrastructure; there is a scarcity of the most essential thing required for human survival – Oxygen. While nothing can compensate for real oxygen, there are few natural substances that can help.

With the goodness of chlorophyll and wheatgrass, JIVO Wellness brings the Oxy Booster – natural oxygen in a box. Superfood for lungs, Oxy Booster is naturally enriched with Zinc and Vitamin C antioxidants, amino acids, and other essential vitamins and minerals. The grounded powder contains natural chlorophyll, a super potent antioxidant.

Including chlorophyll in diet is highly recommended for patients fighting COVID-19 as it is known to increase the red blood cells in the body and assist in blood cell regeneration by helping cells to carry oxygen in the blood. Unique in its nature, the product is made using India’s first freeze and dried patented technology which keeps all the essential nutrients intact.

Nobel prize winner for physiology and medicine, Dr. Otto Warburg in 1931 established that oxygen lack was a major cause of cell mutation. He also suggested that increasing our intake of chlorophyll-rich foods or taking chlorophyll by way of supplementation increases oxygen uptake by the cells of our bodies.

Wheatgrass has many other benefits, it boosts immunity and possesses healing properties. It is gluten-free and anyone can consume it without any side effects. The powder made with natural grass helps in the purification of blood and consequently helps in the prevention of many diseases. With antioxidants properties, it is known to eliminate toxins from the body and helps in digestion. It also keeps the blood pressure level in check and lowers cholesterol while keeping one high on energy throughout the day.

“The powder is in the purest form and free from any chemicals, preservatives, colour, or added flavours. It is easy to consume. With JIVO Oxy Booster, we aim to provide health to every household. The freeze-dried juice powder is suggested to be consumed every day in the morning in a glass of water at room temperature,” shares Gurpreet Singh, Managing Director, JIVO Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

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