Is There Any Correlation Between Variations In Temperature And Spread Of COVID-19?

Is there any correlation between the variations in temperature and spread of COVID-19? Human contact is responsible for COVID-19. Experts ask us to avoid mass gathering. Precautions like washing hands regularly are also suggested.

But the question is does rise in the temperature necessarily mean this will help kill the virus? If yes, then why tropical countries like Singapore, which has hot and humid climate, is also face the threat of coronavirus?

More than 82 positive cases have been reported in India. Two deaths have already been confirmed. India is the Second populated country and most polluted contry as well.

What we have seen with older flu viruses is that they typically grow and reproduce in cold and dry conditions. They do not reproduce well if the temperature is warm. Their proliferation goes down at 30 degrees Celsius.

Dr. M. Wali, who is associated with the Hypertension and Cardiovascular Services, at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, says: “We don’t have enough evidence to suggest that coronavirus will not survive in high temperature. Moisture is said to be counterproductive for this virus. Heat does not kill the Coronavirus”.

Be prepared, and don’t panic is what he suggests. He suggests that we should never forget these essential practices:

  • Hand Hygiene
  • Cough Etiquette
  • Social Distance
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