Is It Safe To Consume Chicken And Eggs Amidst Bird Flu? Here’s What Nutritionist Wants You To Know

The government has confirmed the spread of bird flu in several Indian states like Maharashtra, Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, Kerala, and Himachal Pradesh

Along with the rise in coronavirus cases across the world, India has another reason too to worry about that is the emergence of bird flu. 

The government has confirmed the spread of bird flu in several Indian states like Maharashtra, Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, Kerala, and Himachal Pradesh. 

These states have been already witnessing avian bird influenza which has killed a lot of birds and forced the authorities to collect thousands of other bird species.

Avian influenza or bird flu is caused by the H5N1 type-A influenza virus that has already killed lots of birds across the country. 

At the same time, the experts are also worried about the new strain of the infection called H5N1, which is considered to be one of the most fatal ones. Influenza is something that could turn into a pandemic if not controlled in time and preventive steps are taken. 

Meanwhile, the Government authorities have also asked the states that are affected by bird flu to ‘prepare for any eventuality’. While this year’s Avian influenza we have come across. Bird flu is one of those infectious diseases that can easily spread from birds to humans. 

This infection generally affects wild and poultry birds but it has also sparked fears amongst the poultry and non-vegetarians when it comes to consumption of chicken and other poultry items. 

Is eating chicken, eggs, duck, and turkey safe? Can you get bird flu by eating your favorite meats? 

As we are aware of the fact that humans have been infected by bird flu in the past but the incidents have been very rare, however, you can stay safe and protected from thisdisease by following these tips, and here’s what the nutritionist has to say: 

“Consuming properly cooked poultry or eggs from infected birds doesn’t transmit the bird flu, but eggs should never be served runny,” says Dr. Priyanka Rohatgi, Chief Clinical Dietician at Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore.

“Meat is considered safe if it has been cooked to an internal temperature of 165ºF (73.9ºC). WHO says that it is safe to eat chicken and eggs as long as these are properly prepared and cooked, however, the microwave should be avoided,” added Dr. Rohatgi.

Eating Eggs And Chicken Amid Bird Flu Scare

Here are some precautions that you can take while eating eggs and chicken

The World Health Organisation has confirmed that it is safe to eat bird eggs and/or meat if they are washed and cooked properly. And there’s no scientific evidence that the bird flu virus can affect a healthy human through poultry products like meat and eggs. 

However, it is safe to eat them as they do not carry any viral strain that is responsible for bird flu. 

Dr. Rohatgi said you must make sure you are adjusting the right cooking procedure. Like, use heat up to 70 to 80 degrees Celsius to kill any existing germs in the poultry products.

The WHO also recommends that the step of boiling the products before cooking ensures safety even more. However, it also important to maintain hygiene properly while procuring or cooking the products. 

Also, choose the trusted and organic places to buy eggs and meat and you should severely avoid buying slaughtered meat of dead birds, as it can increase the risk more. 

It is important to follow the right washing procedure for poultry products:

  • Washing the meat under running water does not always remove the germs completely. 
  • It is important to use a gentle paper towel to soak away the dampness and then cook it under the recommended temperature mentioned.
  • Also while buying the eggs you must avoid the stale ones. 
  • It is always better to have half-boiled eggs rather than having the ones with runny yolks. 
  • Also maintain basic hygiene like washing hands before and after cooking with antiseptic soaps.
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