Is It Healthy To Eat Roti When A Weight Loss Diet, Here’s What A Dietician Has To Say

The battle between rice and roti is an unprecedented one when it comes to weight loss

Whenever we talk about weight loss, most of us tend to cut “roti” from the diet. Wheat roti is the staple food in many Indian households and is commonly eaten in different forms in different states of the country. It is often eaten with sabzi and is mostly included in every meal of the day.

The battle between rice and roti is an unprecedented one when it comes to weight loss. Since it has been part of our diet ever since we were kids, it can be even more difficult to give it up. But first, let us understand if roti jeopardizes your weight loss plans or not?

According to Dr. Sukeshini Ramteke, Diet Consultant, Sports Physiotherapist & Fitness Influencer at AXIS Hospital, “It’s healthy to eat roti instead of rice for weight loss because roti is made of grain, hence less in carbs and also has protein in it, which is important for building muscles and replacing fat. Though, it also depends on how you are having it. Ideally, you can avoid ghee or oil on roti and avoid adding salt.”

Roti Is High In Calories

When trying to lose weight, calories are the one thing that we all need to be careful about. It turns out; roti is high in calories, said Dr. Ramteke.

Dr. Ramteke explains, “We can also add powdered oats in flour to increase the fiber content. Weigh roti gets digested slowly compared to rice results in a feeling of satiety for a longer time, hence controlling hunger. It also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels, which could be the reason for weight gain.”

Portion Size Matters

So, if you are thinking to give up on roti in its full sum, think again! Eating carbs is also important as they give you energy; it enhances your mood and busts your hunger as well. What it all boils down to is the amount that you consume.

While on a weight loss diet, it is vital to watch the portion size. Hence, roti per se will not cause weight gain, eating more than what your body needs, will translate into more calories, which in the long run will lead to weight gain.

What Can You Do?

As roti is one of the major carb components in numerous Indian preparations, it can be harder to ditch it. Even though chapati contains carbs and should be consumed in control, it has some nutritional value. It contains dietary fiber, protein, and fat too. So, it will also keep you satiated for a longer time.

According to experts eating rotis made of whole wheat and with very little or no oil/ghee while on a weight loss diet can help. Also, you need to keep in mind the portion size.

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