Interview With Dr. KK Aggarwal On Budget 2021

Indian doctors, economists and analysts lauded the Union Budget 2021 that included a ‘remarkable’ 137% increase for health and wellbeing sector. Experts not only noted that Sitaraman introduced health and wellbeing as the first pillar of the economy but also said that the increase in the budget for the health sector will definitely strengthen health services.

In an exclusive interview with Healthwire Media, Dr. KK Aggarwal, Sr. Physician Cardiologist, Recipient of Padma Shri & Dr B C Roy National Award and the past president of Confederation of Medical Associations in Asia and Oceania & HCFI, said, “This corona has shown us the USA cannot handle communicable diseases. When it comes to infectious diseases, the US has failed to handle it. The only two countries who have been successful in handling this are China and India. However, both of them don’t go along with each other, as China has mysteriously hidden the information for which India has to come forward and has to lead as far as tackling infectious diseases is concerned.

Q. Some of your insights on healthcare Budget 2021?

As far as infectious diseases are concerned, India is going to lead this fight. If China wanted, it could have become strongest country during this time by using latest technology and infrastructure but it did not. Therefore, it is an opportunity for India to invest in R&D, build up new technologies and infrastructure, manufacture new vaccines, new medicines and diagnostics centers. This Budget seems to be in right direction.

Q. Do you think current budget will give health care much needed boost?

“The question is not about the availability of money. The question is about is about having transparent decision making policies. The coronavirus has taught us about the need for transparent policy. We also need budgetary support so that we can create health infrastructure and buy equipment to prepare India for any future pandemic.

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