International Men’s Health Week: Know Four Things Millennial Men Can Do For Their Reproductive Health

Women’s reproductive health is something that is being commonly talked about, but there is not much information on how men can take care of reproductive health.

In fact, there are many misconceptions and myths stuck around male reproductive and sexual health. With the International Men’s Health Week going which is being observed from June 14-20, Dr. Rajender Yadav – Director and HOD – Urology, Fortis hospital Shalimar Bagh shares with four basic things for millennial men to ensure sound reproductive health.

A man in this millennium should take care of four important things for their reproductive health:

  1. General health
  2. Mental health
  3. Sexual health
  4. Physical fitness

General health: The important ask for general health take care of his cardiac health, diabetic health and urinary problems along with breathlessness and infection should get regular checkups about physical health and general health checkups like screening of diabetes cholesterol lipid and nutritional deficiency and iron deficiency. They also look after their life style to change smoking habits and reduce alcohol intake and for care of obesity.

Mental health should discuss personal issues or there is any repression of their emotions and mental health issues depression anxiety self-image and stress. Some of the mental problems which should be taken care of and should not be neglected.

Sexual wellness one should analyze sexual wellness physical and psychological interpersonal and social factor which may influence the social health. Men should be aware of many sexual problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation. Men should not be uncomfortable discussing these issues. With the specialist in getting desire help for the problems. In this millennium men should have take precautions for infective disease like hepatitis HIV and corona virus infection. He should take proper vaccination and protective sexual activity so that he should not get any STD.

Physical fitness: The bottom line is that self-care is at the heart of physical and mental wellness is desirable for all men. They must learn how to take care themselves in wholesome way. The need of self-care in men is now more than especially when all the efforts are driven with the sole aim of ensuring men live a healthy life


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