Infants Continue To Die; From Kota, To Rajkot To Ahmedabad

Rajkot, January 5-It seems that the vicious cycle of the deaths of infants in the country is far from being contained.

While the nation was still dealing with the shocking reports of the death of 100 infants in J K Lon Hospital at Kota, Rajasthan, another similar and horrible news is emerging from Rajkot and Ahamedabad in Gujarat where many children have died in the civil hospitals if the two cities.

According to the reports, 219 infant deaths have been reported from the two cities so far. In Rajkot’s civil hospital, 124 infants have died and in civil hospital at Ahmedabad, the number of deaths is 85. The Ahmedabad civil hospital is also Asia’s largest civil hospital.

‘A tweet by ANI has quoted Manish Mehta, Dean, Rajkot Civil Hospital, 111 infants had died in December alone last year.’

According to Healthwire sources, the Superintendent at Rajkot civil hospital cited three main causes of deaths: poor technical facilities at Rajkot’s Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) where extremely underweight infants couldn’t be saved, the problem of malnutrition in infants and pre-mature birth. Also, the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) under one year of age in a year at Ahmedabad is 70-80.

Rajkot civil hospital receives patients from 11 districts in the Saurashtra region. Another cause of infant deaths is the late arrival of the kids to the hospital after the parents have spent a lot of time in trying their luck in other private hospitals.

According to the statistics, Rajkot has witnessed 1235 child deaths in the past year. In Ahmedabad too saw 253 deaths last year ranging from October to December. 

What appears to be even more appalling is the Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani is an MLA from Rajkot only and when he was asked about these deaths, he simply walked away and refused to speak about it.

While Rajasthan Deputy CM Sachin Pilot visited the Kota hospital where 100 infants died on Saturday, there has been no report of any such action or  accountability on the part of Gujarat government yet.

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