Industries Can Wait, Patients Cannot: Delhi HC Slams Centre Over Oxygen Shortage

Delhi High Court hearing a revived petition related to COVID-19 tests said they hoped the diversion of medicines was based on the needs of each state, otherwise “people will have blood on their hand

On Tuesday, the Delhi high court slammed the Centre over the country’s Covid-19 crisis, stating that “people would have blood on their hands” if medicines and money are diverted without thought.

“Any non-application of mind in the allocation and diversion of resources and medicines will doom us,” a bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli said.

The High Court raised concerns about the decision of the Centre, with effect from 22 April to ban oxygen for industrial purposes “Why wait until 22 April for a ban on industry use of oxygen? Why not right away?

Oxygen is required now.” “If nothing is done in order to increase the availability of oxygen, the country is headed for major disasters”.

The Centre told the Delhi High Court that, with effect from April 22, the use of oxygen for industrial purposes has been prohibited, with the exception of some essential industries, in order to ensure a continuous supply of oxygen for medical purposes.

The court also expressed its displeasure with the “massive wastage” of vaccines, ordering the Centre to vaccinate as many people as possible to avoid waste.

This is a massive waste of resources. Give it to those who are interested.

Please vaccinate whomever you may. Vaccination is required for all, whether they are 16 or 60 years old. The pandemic “does not discriminate,” according to the court.

“We hope Centre is applying its mind based on the need of each state when determining where to send medicines and resources,” it added. The court ordered the government to take action against people who stockpile drugs and to provide some guidelines.

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