Indraprastha Apollo Launches RADIXACT-X9, Next Generation Tomotherapy Treatment

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New Delhi, January 23-Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals has announced the launch of RADIXACT-X9, the state-of-the-art, advanced tomotherapy treatment machine with a cutting edge technology that combines imaging and treatment delivery to precisely target a wide variety of cancers.

Backed by experienced and expert team of radiation oncologists and technical teams, RADIXACT-X9, with its unrivalled calabilities, is the next generation Tomotherapy with Adaptive Radiation Therapy. The launch is hailed as the future of precision oncology.

What is Tomotherapy?

Tomotherapy is one of the most integrated, advanced Helical Radiotherapy machine for comprehensive cancer treatment. Radixact X9 Tomotherapy provides us with highly accurate and precise treatment targeting the tumour and sparing the nearby critical structures, thus minimising the side effects.

It is equipped with CT based Platform for image guidance of patient’s daily treatment. Because of its precision to the target, higher doses can be delivered achieving better cure rates and less side effects.

It has an inbuilt Adaptive Radiotherapy module which helps in dose monitoring and plan modification depending upon any change in anatomy or tumour regression. It is versatile to treat complex cases like Bilateral Breast, Total Body Irradiation, Total Marrow Irradiation and Stereotactic Body radiotherapy.

Tomotherapy has come as a boon to cancer patients. In short, Radixact X9 Tomotherapy is a machine of choice, capable of doing all high end treatments for cancer patients with better cure rates.

Revolutionary Features of RADIXACT-X9

-Unprecedented accuracy with increased dosage to target and minimal exposure to healthy tissues.

-The new precise RTX retreatment option is designed to make retreatment process more efficient and effective.

-Adaptive radiotherapy to monitor and modify treatment based on body changes/tumour shrinkage.

-Integrated system for comprehensive cancer treatment.

-Mutiple areas of tumour targeted simultaneously.

-Tomotherapy: The next generation therapy for cancer treatment


Craniospinal irradiation: is a common treatment for children and adults alike and it’s a big challenge because of its large treating field. The image shows the treatment of the brain and spinal cord while minimizing doses to eyes, mouth, heart, kidneys and liver.

Lung Cancer: Treatment of tumour to only the selected lung tissue and avoid spinal cord and heart.

Bilateral Breast Cancer: Treatment of bilateral chest wall/breasts, internal mammary and other regional lymph nodes with minimal doses to heart and lungs.

Breast Cancer: treatment of breast tissue while avoiding heart and lung.

Head and Neck Cancer: High dose to tumour while limiting dose to spinal cord, brainstem and parotid (salivary) glands.

Prostate Cancer: High dose to the tumour and avoidance of rectum, bladder and femoral heads.

Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT): Treatment of small tumours and metastatic lesions with high doses of radiation and daily image guidance enables effective tumour control and minimal side effects.

Cervical Cancer: Extended radiation therapy to treat pelvis and para-aortic lymph nodes with minimal dose to small bowel, bone marrow and other pelvic organs.

Total Marrow Irradiation: TMI wherein most of the viscera and critical organs are significantly spared and treating the whole bone marrow.

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