IndiGo Passenger Says He Is Covid Positive; Airline Offloads Him At Delhi Airport

As one of the senior Delhi Police official informed that it has not received any complaint from the airline about the incident so far.

In a bizarre incident on Thursday, a male passenger on a Pune-bound Indigo flight was offloaded at the Delhi airport in the evening after he told cabin crew that he was coronavirus positive just before the aircraft was preparing for take-off, said the sources.

The incident took place on Thursday at around 5.30pm on IndiGo flight 6E286 as the plane was getting ready for a take-off to Pune.

According to the sources, the passenger informed the cabin crew that he has tested positive for coronavirus, following which the aircraft returned to the bay and the person was offloaded.

The aircraft after fumigation took off for Pune at around 7 PM, said one of the sources to PTI.

However, there was no official statement from IndiGo about the incident.

As one of the senior Delhi Police officials informed that it has not received any complaint from the airline about the incident so far.

Further details could not be immediately ascertained.

As per the provisional data, a total of 1,90,40,175 shots had been given till Friday evening.  About 68,96,529 healthcare workers have taken the first dose and 32,94,612 have been administered the second dose so far.

The figures for frontline workers are 62,94,755 (first dose) and 1,23,191 (second dose).

As the citizens concerned at the age of 60 and above, about 21,17,862 beneficiaries have been given the first dose while 3,13,226 people aged 45 and above with specific health problem have received the first dose.

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